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The Polarity Gauntlet is a weapon in the Prime continuity.

Arcee with the Gauntlet.

The Polarity Gauntlet is an old Decepticon weapon used in the Great War. After the war, it got left behind on Earth. It has the ability to magnetize anything metal, even other Transformers. It can also repel them, with phenomenal force. It is a very dangerous weapon in the wrong servos.


Prime cartoon[]

The Gauntlet's energy signature was tracked to the center of a ghost town in the west of America, by the Autobots and Decepticons. Arcee and Bulkhead were sent by the Autobots. Breakdown, (now with an eye patch) pleaded with Megatron to let him go on the mission to redeem himself for getting beaten by some humans, he agreed. Airachnid also arrives to claim the Gauntlet for her own purposes. Metal Attraction Bumblebee also used this device on the Autobots quest for the Omega Lock using it to retrive the Omega Keys.



  • It is unknown how it remained undetected for so long by either Autobot, or Decepticon.
    • Well considering, like other Cybertronian objects, it was placed on Earth to "hide" it. If were detected easily by either side, it would defeat that purpose.