―Polarclaw, whenever he makes a Sonic Roar

Polarclaw is polar bear-like Decepticon. His alt-mode is a treaded snowplow truck.


Transformers Robots in Disguise

Season 2

Polarclaw was one of the many prisoners aboard the Alchemor due to being a crime boss.When the ship crash-landed on Earth, Polarclaw escaped his stasis pod and made his way up to the Arctic Circle, where he holed up in a mountain cave near a research base. Eventually, Bumblebee's team picked up his signal, and dispatched an away team of Autobots which included Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, Drift, Windblade, Slipstream and Jetstorm to bring him down in Overloaded, Part 1. Polarclaw managed to get the drop on the team as he threw huge chunks of ice from above at them as they attempted to climb up the mountain. Optimus attempted to provide cover for the others. However, Polarclaw managed to hit Optimus when the latter was distracted and it nearly made Optimus fall off the mountain. Windblade manages to transform into her jet mode and made her way up to Polarclaw where she prevented the Decepticon from throwing more ice which made him hide back in his cave while the others attempted to help Optimus.

After he spots all of the Autobots in Overloaded, Part 2, Polarclaw uses his sonic roar to start an avalanche. The Autobots survived the avalanche and scanned for a camouflage colored scheme that allowed them to avoid being detected by Polarclaw as they made their way up to his cave. Polarclaw returned to his cave to prepare for hibernation, only for the Autobots to observe him in their camouflage. Sideswipe grew impatient as he attempted to move in on Polarclaw, only for the Decepticon to be alerted by his squeaky wheel and then headed out the back exit of his cave. Polarclaw tried to slow down his pursuers by using his sonic roar again to cause a cave in, but it proved to have little effect. As the Autobots spot Polarclaw driving in his vehicle mode, they ended up being at the bottom of the water where Optimus came up with a plan. Windblade was able to get Polarclaw into the water as Sideswipe was thrown at Polarclaw by Optimus and Drift to bring the Decepticon further into the water. As he did, Polarclaw attempted to use his sonic roar but it proved useless just as Sideswipe stated. The three Autobots surrounded the Decepticon as he prepared to fight them, only for the temperature to obstruct his fighting abilities, thus allowing Optimus to punch Polarclaw unconscious. Optimus picks up their captive and head for one of Windblade's caches to store him.

Background and Abilities

Polarclaw was one of the most powerful crime lords back on Cybertron. He has a brilliant strategic mind, as it is necessary for him to carefully ensure his plans go well in his crime empire in the northern territories on Cybertron. He appears to be somewhat of a polar bear in his robot mode and he can also spend long periods hibernating. His other assets are his great strength (easily lifting up boulders), acute eyesight, and sonic roar (which can enable him to dispatch Autobots).



  • He's one of the few Decepticons to not speak, only using grunts and growls.
  • Polarclaw's chest and some parts of his body are a bit similar to Steeljaw's chest and other body exterior.
    • Even the two last letters of their names have the "aw" sound. For example: Steeljaw and Polarclaw, also with Razorpaw.



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