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Poison Bite is the Mutants' special operative. He seems to be more religiously inclined that his fellow Mutants, as he accepts the Mutant mission as part of a higher vision, but also feels abandoned by the Oracle. He often broods about what he believes is the approaching extinction of the Mutants, but despite his seeming pessimism, he is well liked by his fellows. He can teleport up to 30 metres in either mode.


The Wreckers comic

They take their horrible mutilations seriously.

The Mutants reported along with the Dinobots and the Wreckers to the Oracle, and were given a vague mission to fulfill: to save Cybertron's future by journeying to the outer Orion Cluster, and restore their "true forms". Departure

However, the mission was nothing but a fools' errand, a set-up engineered by Cryotek and the Quintessons, who were using the Oracle to send false messages to eliminate any resistance to their forthcoming invasion. The Mutants were lured to New Quintessa, taken prisoner, and briefly put on trial. Poison Bite was immediately suspicious, and had no qualms about voicing them. His fears were proven right when the Quintesson leader Derodomontatus sentenced the Mutants to death (big surprise), and unleashed a horde of Sharkticons upon them. Cryotek felt the whole display was a bit much. Betrayal

Poison Bite and Icebird managed to survive the execution attempt and escaped the pit. When the bulk of the Quintesson forces left to invade the supposedly-defenseless Cybertron, the two Mutants struck, attacking Judge Heirodyus in the Quintessons' technorganic greenhouse. Using a powerful connection to Primus, the Mutants turned the plants against the Quintesson guards. Poison Bite blocked Heirodyus' attempt to reach an escape pod, and Icebird pounced on the Judge.

Once the Quintessons were defeated and the technorganic plants had begun to spread across the planet, the two Mutants spared the lives of the remaining Sharkticons, and began to teach them a new life in the light. Wreckers: Finale Part II

IDW Beast Wars comics

Poison Bite was one of the many protoforms from the remaining Axalon stasis pods to be reactivated by Razorbeast. He and his fellow Mutants took up residence in a swamp. When a Predacon scouting party intruded on their home, the Mutants defended their home vigorously - in the course of the slaughter, Poison Bite stung Retrax into submission. The Gathering #3


Beast Wars

  • Poison Bite (Deluxe, 2000)
Poison Bite was part of the first wave of Mutants, the only new molds in the final year of normal retail Beast Wars releases. He transforms between two organic beast modes: a scorpion and a barracuda. He has a small panel on his right scorpion claw that can be lifted to reveal mechanical parts. The robot face is revealed by pressing the stinger tip on the scorpion's tail.


  • Poison Bite, like all of the Mutants, was a mold originally slated to be part of the Animorphs line, but was retooled to become a robot in disguise when that toy series was canceled.
  • Poison Bite appeared in Wal-Mart's inventory system as "Scorpinox", likely an early development name.

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