Pointblank would say that war is hell, if he wasn't a bot of very few words. Words make arguments, and arguments make wars, and he wants no more of those. That isn't to say he's a poor fighter. He just wants a quiet place to sit down with a good datatrack and a glass of frosty energon, without a Decepticon missile spoiling everything, and if he should find himself pounding the ever-loving lock washers out of the shooter of that missile, it isn't because he bears grudges or even out of regret for the waste of a good drink. No, it's just on general principle. Every battle won brings him closer to retirement, which of course is never going to happen in a million years. No hard feelings, though.

Peacemaker keeps trying to cheer up his Autobot partner, which doesn't make sense, since he's not really upset. He just wants to retire, perhaps to a cozy little polished-titanium cottage with Morphobots twining up the walls, and maybe a cozy nuclear fire blazing on the lead-lined hearth—or for whatever rest an old Autobot soldier yearns. Just because he's pretty sure this won't happen and he'll end up a flattened, burned casualty of a never-ending war doesn't mean he's depressed, does it?

Japanese name: Blanker
French name (Canada): Bout-Portant
Italian name: Sibilo


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Marvel comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Pointblank was one of the Autobots who travelled to Nebulos under Fortress Maximus to try and escape the war and, like several of his fellows, handed his weapon over to the Nebulans as a gesture of trust. Ring of Hate Maximus and some other senior Autobots also voluntarily deactivated themselves, so the Nebulans allowed Pointblank and the others to construct a city in an isolated area. Broken Glass After Maximus and the other Autobot Headmasters were captured by Scorponok and the Nebulan faction working for Lord Zarak, Pointblank took charge of those that remained and agreed with Peacemaker's suggestion to binary bond with the few Nebulans loyal to Galen, who became their weapons. He led the Targetmasters into battle against Scorponok and the Terrorcons to try and defend the Nebulan nursery but when it was destroyed during the battle, Pointblank ordered a retreat. Brothers in Armour Shortly after, Pointblank and fellow Autobot Targetmasters Crosshairs and Sureshot were themselves captured by Scorponok, as part of a lure for the Autobot Headmasters. The trap was sprung but Hardhead managed to free his comrades and together they easily defeated the Decepticon Targetmasters. Worlds Apart

Pointblank and the rest of Fortress Maximus' crew later travelled to Earth. Pointblank was left behind on the Steelhaven during their first mission on the planet, where Maximus was binary bonded with Spike Witwicky. Trial by Fire One of Spike's first acts was to take Pointblank and some of the other Autobots under his command home to meet his dad. Pointblank then took part in an attack on Ratbat and Shockwave's base to try and rescue Buster Witwicky. They were driven back by the base's defences but managed to retrieve Maximus, Cerebros and Spike from space in the aftermath. The Desert Island of Space

When the group made contact with the existing Earthbased Autobots led by Grimlock, Pointblank was among the senior Autobots Fortress Maximus took with him to the Ark for their first meeting. It didn't go well and resulted in Grimlock challenging Fortress Maximus to a duel. When Blaster took his place, Pointblank was with the rest of Fortress Maximus' crew assembling to watch the battle. Since this was his last confirmed sighting, it is possible he was among those deactivated in the subsequent attack by Ratbat's Decepticons. Totalled

American cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Neil Ross

Pointblank was one of the Autobots stationed on Cybertron under the command of Kup and Hot Rod in the aftermath of Optimus Prime's resurrection. When the Decepticons attempted to use the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber to destroy the planet, he was on board the ship that was blown out into space in the resulting explosion and ended up on Nebulos. The Rebirth, Part 1 After the Decepticons attacked them using both Headmaster and Targetmaster technology, Pointblank was one of the Autobots Kup, Hot Rod and Brainstorm had upgraded to a Targetmaster and, after welcoming Optimus Prime to the planet, joined the attack which recovered the Key. The Rebirth, Part 2 He accompanied Optimus Prime back to Cybertron and tried to prevent the Plasma Energy Chamber being opened again, only to be captured by Cyclonus. The group were freed by Cerebros and witnessed the beginning of Cybertron's new golden age. The Rebirth, Part 3

Japanese cartoon continuity

Headmasters cartoon

Voice actor: Yûji Mikimoto

He was the leader of the Targetmasters, and frequently argued with Chromedome.

IDW comics continuity

Pointblank was a crewman aboard the Ark-27 when Optimus Prime to investigate the disappearance of Jetfire's survey team and the possible reappearance of Thunderwing. Stormbringer issue 2 When Thunderwing returned to Cybertron, Pointblank took part in the subsequent battle against the ultra-energized monster. He was apparently a bit leadfooted in his attack and paid for it. He survived, however and was aboard the Ark-27 again as it transported Optimus Prime to Earth. Stormbringer issue 4


Generation One

G1Pointblank toy

The engine-block fills in the Pointblank.

  • Pointblank (Targetmaster, 1987)
    • Japanese ID number: C-106
    • Accessories: "Peacemaker" Targetmaster partner, engine-block/shield
Pointblank transforms into a Cybertronic sports car. As a Targetmaster, he can hold in his hand or mount on his vehicle-mode roof any Targetmaster gun (or any weapon that uses a 5mm peg). He came with his partner, Peacemaker who transformed into his gun. His winged engine block could be removed and held as a shield.
It's worth noting that Pointblank is the only one of the new-character Targetmasters to have an accessory beyond his partner/rifle (in the US, at least).


  • The head on Pointblank's Rebirth character model is rather vastly different from the actual toy's, looking something like the Crosshairs toy's head with a fin stuck on the forehead.

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