Plasma Drones are Decepticons in the Transformers: Rise of the Chevy Autobots portion of the Movie continuity family.
Plasma Drone

Me cannons to full power!

Plasma Drones are automata duplicated from the mechanical makeup of the malevolent machiavellian mastermind Mainframe. They are physical juggernauts and mental midgets, programmed for simple, mindless heated combat.


Bumblebee's Mission Log

Once Bumblebee identified Mainframe as the being responsible for the disappearances of numerous Autobots on Earth, he began to feed the rogue Decepticon false information about the location of the Allspark. At Mainframe's command, waves of Plasma Drones (as well as Shock Drones, Vortex Drones and Glacier Drones) marched forth to seek out the Allspark and destroy any Autobots they encountered.

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