Bumblebee threatens the soldiers with his Plasma Cannon.

Plasma cannons are weapons which fire bursts of plasma at opponents.


Beast Wars

The Axalon was equipped with a plasma cannon. When it became apparent that the ship was falling into an unnamed planet's atmosphere, Optimus Primal ordered that the plasma cannon be fired on the fleeing Darksyde. The blast successfully crippled the Predacon vessel. Beast Wars (Part 1)

Movie continuity

Plasma cannons are employed by both the Autobots and the Decepticons. Ghosts of Yesterday

Upon arriving on Earth, Starscream used his plasma cannon to destroy an F-22 Raptor that he had just scanned. Prime Directives issue 4

Bumblebee's primary weapon was a plasma cannon, which he used to great effect against Devastator...as well as intimidating his former Sector Seven oppressors. During another fight, Mikaela told Bumbebee shoot with his plasma cannon while he is in a tow truck which he does, repeatedly blasting Devestator and killing him. Transformers

Bumblebee uses the same cannon to destroy the Appliancebots, who took the Witwicky house. Unfortunately, he destroyed half the house in the process. He later uses it to blast a hole into the Tomb of the Primes. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

During the battle in Chicago, Bumblebee uses his plasma cannon against the Decepticons, even decapitating Soundwave with one shot from it, killing him. Dark of the Moon

War for Cybertron

The plasma cannon is a chargeable weapon that can be charged in three stages. They begin to use up ammunition when you continue to hold the charge during the third level. This weapon also uses up ammo at an alarming rate and is best used a temporary weapon to deal out heavy damage to tough enemies and bosses rather than as your standard weapon. Also, Bumblebee and Breakdown are both seen using this weapon during cutscenes but do not come equipped with this weapon during gameplay.


Bumblebee's plasma cannon from the live-action film series

  • In the intro of War for Cybertron, Bumblebee fires a plasma cannon without having to charge it; instead it's fired like a machine gun.
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