Planet Micro - The Mysterious Warrior is the fifteenth episode of Transformers Victory. It first aired in Japan on August 1, 1989 on Nippon TV.



On the planet Micro, Star Saber and the Rescue Team join forces with the wandering warrior Greatshot to foil Hellbat's latest plan.


The homeworld of the Micromasters, planet Micro, has come under attack from Decepticons. Despite the fact that the planet is in the sector protected by his arm of the Space Defense Force, God Ginrai and his forces are occupied battling Overlord's army in G Nebula 89, necessitating the assistance of Star Saber, who quickly heads for Micro. Accompanying him aboard Galaxy Shuttle are the Rescue Team, who are thrilled to be returning home, and Jean, who nearly chokes on a soda when the Rescues inform him that the reason Holi is being so serious is because he's worried about his girlfriend down on Micro. As Star Saber and Galaxy Shuttle enter the planet's atmosphere, their arrival is observed by a mysterious figure…

Star Saber, the Rescue Team and Jean meet with Governor Raikuru, who informs them that there have been no further reports of Decepticon attacks. After checking in with God Ginrai via video communication, Star Saber decides to give the Rescue Team a little "shore leave" while he investigates on his own. After Holi's girlfriend, Clipper, fails to show up at the planned meeting place, he and the others go searching for her, and spot her coming up an escalator, just as they're travelling down the adjacent one. She tells Holi that he should have called first, and practically ignores him as he carries on with her work, much to the amusement of Jean and the other Rescues.

Meanwhile, Star Saber is shown around the attacked areas by Governor Raikuru, and is surprised to discover that the areas were completely levelled, even after energy was successfully stolen. He realizes that this is not traditional Decepticon behaviour, and deduces that mercenaries must be involved. He soon rejoins Jean and the Rescue Team for tea with Clipper (who's quite impressed with the dashing Supreme Commander), but they are interrupted by an alarm which alerts them to a three-man Decepticon attack on the plasma energy plant that provides Micro with a third of its energy. Holi gets particularly fired up for battle when Clipper wishes him good luck, but the Micromasters don't manage to get more than a few feet through the exit before their way is barred by the mysterious figure who observed their arrival on the planet. This towering, samurai-like warrior introduces himself as Greatshot, reveals that he is an old acquaintance of Star Saber, and informs the Autobots that they do not need to involve themselves in the battle, as it is his responsibility. At Star Saber's inquiry, Greatshot explains that he has fought with two of the attackers – mercenaries named Blue Bacchus and Black Shadow – before, and has been trying to track them down to settle an old score. Star Saber offers to help, and confronts the third attacker while Greatshot deals with the mercenaries and Jean and the Micromasters handle rescue operations with the V-Star. The third villain turns out to be Hellbat, who has hired the mercenaries to help him raise his standing in the Decepticon ranks, but finds that he has to triple their cut of the stolen energy in order to convince them to take on Star Saber. Before the two mercs can step in, Greatshot attacks them, and it is revealed that he is seeking revenge for a past betrayal from when he used to work with them. The two battles rage simultaneously, with Star Saber reflecting Hellbat's hypnotism waves back at him, and Greatshot deceiving his old allies with his "Disappearing Dust" trick, appearing to self-destruct and then appearing behind them. Realizing that he has no chance against Star Saber, Hellbat opens fire on the energy plant, causing a chain reaction that threatens to reduce a third of the planet to ashes. Hellbat calls to the mercenaries to pull out, but they don't manage to get away without being badly injured by Greatshot. As the trio takes to the sky, a parting shot from Greatshot hits the energy containers Hellbat is carrying, and they explode in his grip, robbing him of the plasma energy he had gathered (although the mercenaries are still quite insistent that Hellbat will be paying them somehow).

As fire begins to consume the energy plant, Jean returns with the V-Star jut in time. Star Saber reconnects with the V-Star and transforms into his super robot mode, and, knowing that it's too late to stop the plant from exploding, has to think quickly. Swinging his Saber Blade, he severs the base of the energy plant, separating it from the planet, and seizes it in his mighty grip, flying it out of the planet's atmosphere. As everyone watches, the plasma energy explodes in a white fireball, and everyone holds their breath... until Star Saber reappears in the sky above, unharmed. Star Saber and Greatshot shake hands, but Holi is surprised when Greatshot departs, thinking that he would make a good addition to the Autobot forces. Star Saber explains that Greatshot doesn't like being tied down by formalities, but Holi's attention is a bit more caught up in Clipper, who wants to know when he's coming back to Micro. Holi says he isn't sure, but asks if it even matters, since he knows she'll just say she's busy. Clipper says that next time, she wants Holi to tell her everything about his adventures and about the Earth, and Holi blushes... but of course, the little guy can't win either way, since Jean just keeps on teasing him.


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  • This episode does not feature either of Victory's two stock title cards, presenting the title as white text on a black background.
  • Failing to advertise toy gimmicks is nothing new for Victory, and the trend continues here, as it is never explicitly stated that Blue Bacchus and Black Shadow are Pretenders. There is an allusion to it, though, in their final scene, in which they are slashed by Greatshot and they fall out of the shot. Two streaks of energy then rise up from where they fell, off-screen, after which, two explosions are seen bursting into shot from where they fell. The streaks of energy then coalesce into the vehicle modes of their small robots. The implication, of course, is that Greatshot has just destroyed their shells, but that the interior robots have been able to escape. Additionally, their sub-group name, Crossformers, is never used in dialogue, and—you guessed it—they never appear in the series again.








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