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The Planet-Destroying Fortress is massive fortress from the Victory portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Victory36 fortress

The Planet-Destroying Fortress is a massive structure created by the Decepticon Emperor of Destruction Deathsaurus as his ultimate weapon to conquer the universe. It is said to be capable of destroying entire planets with its giant laser cannon. Even without that, its other laser cannons are deadly even to combiners, as are the bombs it shoots out, which can apparently survive entering the Earth's atmosphere.

English/Malay dub name: Decepticon Space City


Victory cartoon

Deathsaurus never got a chance to use the fortress after completing it, because the Autobot commander Star Saber and his forces sealed the fortress into the Dark Nebula. From then on, Deathsaurus devoted his efforts to restoring his fortress. He made attempts to gather the energy he needed, and some of his attempts at getting energy were actually successful. He eventually got the energy he needed and reactivated his fortress, and intended to use it to destroy the Earth. The fortress seemed invincible, and not even Victory Saber could stand in its way.

However, like any good superweapon, it had a fatal weak point (which Deathsaurus at least put on the inside of it), which the Dinoforce supplied to the Autobots out of spite to Deathsaurus for abandoning them. With this knowledge, Star Saber and Victory Leo set out to destroy the space fortress. During their attempts, Star Saber faced and defeated Deathsaurus in a last duel, and Victory Leo took down the Decepticon combiner Liokaiser by throwing him into the fortress's main cannon. During the fighting, Jean Minakaze struck at the fortress's weak point (which was on the inside of it, it wasn't like some exhaust port that led to the power source that a pair of torpedoes could exploit and use to destroy it). However, Deathsaurus then tried to get the last laugh by sending his fortress on a collision course with Earth, but Star Saber and Victory Leo then combined into Victory Saber and destroyed the fortress.

Deathsaurus, maybe you should try to avoid telling your superweapon's weakness to your expendable flunkies next time.

Victory comic

When Star Saber went to destroy the fortress, Deathsaurus battled him in space. However, Deathsaurus's treacherous flunky Leozack turned the fortress on him, causing Deathsaurus to cripple his own fortress while Star Saber took out Leozack. After that, Deathsaurus revealed that the true reason he made such an effort to revive the fortress was that it was the home of several Decepticon civilians (that's a first), including his own wife.

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