This article is about the Marvel UK Annual story. For the similarly-named cartoon episode, see A Plague of Insecticons.


There you go again Prime.

The Autobots' attempt to form an alliance with the US Government is sabotaged by the Insecticons.

Published in: Transformers Annual 1986
Followed by: Missing in Action

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Jeff Anderson, Mike Collins
Lettering: Starkings
Colours: Hart
Editor: Cranna

  • Originally published: December 1985


Anxious to forge better relations with the humans on Earth, Optimus Prime approaches the President of the United States with a view of forging an alliance. The President agrees to meet him, and Optimus Prime, Prowl and Warpath travel to Washington, D.C. to visit the President at the White House.

Unfortunately, an unscrambled phone call between the Secret Service and the Army is intercepted by Soundwave. Unwilling to allow the Autobots to ally with the humans, Megatron decides to awaken the Insecticons.

Just as Optimus and the President meet, the Insecticons attack the humans, making war cries in the name of the Autobots in an attempt to discredit them. After assaulting the military presence around the White House, Bombshell announces that they will take the battle to the city, as though he was receiving an order from Optimus Prime.

Enraged, the Army attack the Autobots, who make their escape. Noticing that the Insecticons are acting with inexplicable restraint, as if they hadn't yet mastered their abilities, Optimus Prime deduces that they are being remotely controlled by an outside agent. Prowl and Warpath pursue the Insecticons alone, arriving in the city to find them causing untold destruction.

While Prime attempts to locate the origin of the Insecticons' controller, it's revealed to be Ravage as he commands Shrapnel to fire a Splinter Grenade at Prowl, taking him out the fight. Prime splits his mind between his main body and Roller to reinforce Warpath while simultaneously locating the source of the control signal.

Prime soon discovers Ravage, who is almost impressed by Prime's resourcefulness. He sends a mental command to Bombshell to inject Prime with a Cerebro Shell and destroy him, but the signal is too strong and is also picked up by Kickback. As Bombshell dives at Prime, Kickback attacks Prime the only way he can—through Roller.

The attack on Roller causes Prime to double up in pain, causing Bombshell to overshoot his target as he fires his Cerebro Shell, which then hits Ravage. Ravage instantly falls under the mental control of Bombshell, who in turn is already under the mental control of Ravage, leaving Ravage, quite literally, without a mind of his own.

Having defeated the Insecticons, Prime decides that the Autobots should simply leave, as he believes that the humans would not listen to them now. However, the President saw through the Decepticon plan and trusted the Autobots to come and explain. They didn't, and he vows not to make the same mistake again.


  • "Articulated lorry". That's so cute!
  • The Insecticons are colored in a hybrid of their G1 and Diaclone color schemes; Shrapnel and Kickback have brown legs and red chests, Bombshell has brown arms and a red chest.
  • Warpath is colored green in one panel and silver-grey in another.
  • Prime's smokestacks frequently disappear, sometimes alternately.
  • What became of the Insecticons and Ravage after being rendered mindless is never explained, nor is what happened to Prowl.

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