Pirate Planet is a planet (a-doy) in the Headmasters portion of the Generation One continuity family.


The true name of the world now called Pirate Planet is unknown – it gained its current name from its role as a storehouse for the proton energy gathered by a gang of space pirates in days gone by. Rocky desert is all that is seen of the planet’s surface, while out in space, a graveyard of ships and space-junk floats nearby.


Headmasters animated series

While on another planet, a map showing the location of the stored proton energy came into possession of the Autobot Clones Fastlane and Cloudraker, but half of it was stolen by their Decepticon counterparts, Wingspan and Pounce. Knowing that the villains would head for the Pirate Planet, the Autobot Clones made it there ahead of them and ambushed them, hoping to reclaim their half of the map. However, they discovered that the rest of the Decepticon forces were also present, and were defeated and lost their own half of the map.

Joining the two halves of the map, Galvatron followed its directions but had yet to find anything before the Autobot Headmasters attacked and reclaimed it. Highbrow deduced that the map itself was part of an electronic lock – putting the map in place on a skull-shaped rock unearthed a massive pyramid that supposedly contained the energy. Neither Autobot nor Decepticon was able to penetrate its walls, but Highbrow was able to match the electronic signal the pyramid was emitting to one emanating from the graveyard of spaceship nearby. Plucking a skull from the prow of a ship in the graveyard, he placed it upon a decapitated skeleton by the pyramid’s door, and the temple opened. Fortress Maximus dispatched the Decepticons, but Highbrow then discovered that the proton energy was long gone – an ancient booby trap set by the pirates had long ago released it, scorching the once-green planet and turning it into the barren wasteland it now was.

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