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The name or term Piranacon refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Piranacon (disambiguation).

This article is about the American Seacon combiner. For the Japanese Seacon combiner, see King Poseidon.

When it comes to combiners, most suffer from the same problem: an inability to agree on anything while in their super-robot form, resulting in limited intelligence and limited effectiveness. Such is not the case with Piranacon. The Seacons who compose Piranacon can all agree on one thing, they love to hunt. In fact, they love it so much, that once they combine, they absolutely will not stop until they've either run out of energy or been destroyed. This has gotten to be such a problem that their commander, Snaptrap, has been forced to activate an automatic timer upon combination, forcing Piranacon to disassemble after a period of time. Despite this one set-back, Megatron considers Piranacon an ideal warrior and wishes he had more Decepticons like him.


Marvel UK Generation One comics

Eh, he's not so big.

Shockwave sent the Seacons to attack Galvatron when the future Decepticon threatened his position as Decepticon leader. Even when combined into Piranacon Galvatron easily beat them. Enemy Action!

Devil's Due comics continuity


Generation One

  • Piranacon (Seacon giftset, 1988)
The Piranacon giftset is unique among Scramble City-style combiner giftsets in that it does not include all the members. For some reason — possibly cost concerns — the set includes only Snaptrap, Overbite, Seawing, Skalor and Tentakil. Nautilator is not included. King Poseidon, the Japanese equivalent to Piranacon for Masterforce, came boxed in a giftset that included Lobclaw (Nautilator).
In 1998, this mold-set was repaint to make God Neptune as a Predacon from Beast Wars II line. Like Piranacon's US giftset, "the lobster" was not included, but unlike his predecessors, all of the team's individual guns (including Snaptrap/Halfshell's large rifle) and 3-piece weapons stands were also excluded.


  • Piranacon (Seacon giftset, 2008)
A redeco of the Generation One mold above, Timelines Piranacon was available exclusively as an Official Transformers Collectors' Club-exclusive giftset containing all six Seacons in new color schemes. This set, unlike the original US giftset, includes Nautilator. The box is clearly based on the original Japanese King Poseidon giftset, as all the colors of the packaging are the same, the names and character placement is the same, and the figure pics on the side are in identical position.
This toy was originally intended as an exclusive set of Energon-series Terrorcons, but was shelved due to a lack of retailer interest. The team were called the Piranhacons and their combined form was Piranhaking.

Transformers (2010)

  • Decepticon Piranacon (Seacon giftset, 2010)
As a San Diego ComiCon exclusive, The Generation 1 Seacons were re-released with a few minor (but noticeable) mold changes. The cool purple plastic, found most on Overbite, was changed to match the magenta plastic used by Tentakil, Skalor, and Snaptrap. Some labels, now factory applied, feature more detailed coloring than their original counterparts. The most outstanding change is the sword, from a coral-like lavender to a chrome coating. This set includes all 6 Seacons, including Nautilator, all of their accessories, and 7 playing card sized file cards for each Seacon and Piranacon.

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