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Pinpointer (ピンポインター Pinpointā) is an Arms Micron who helps the Autobots with his ability to blast holes in things.



  • Autobot Pinpointer (Arms Micron, 2012-03-31)
Pinpointer is a redeco of Power Core Combiners Waterlog, transforming into a double-barreled blaster (though his official transformation differs from Waterlog's pistol mode) that can be held by any figure with a 5mm post-hole. He was only available as part of the Transformers: Prime "Anime Debut Commemoration Campaign", with the purchase of 4000 yen's worth of Prime toys at Japanese ToysЯUs stores on March 31, 2012. He was "limited" to 10,000 pieces, which is really quite a high number for a Japanese store-promo Micron.
This mold was also used to make United EX Rotorbolt.


  • Pinpointer is one of several Japanese toys to have the "Autobot" prefix attached to his name for reasons we haven't yet figured out.
  • His instructions do not specify what franchise he belongs to, using just "Transformers", albeit in the same font as the Japanese Prime line. The instructions also show his gun mode as being held by United Kup (but then again so do Prime Firebolt's instructions). But between the "Arms Micron" designation and all the promotional materials labeling him as a Prime toy... well.
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