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This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.

The scrap trader Pinion has never felt entirely at home on the world of Junkion. Nevertheless, the quiet Junkion does his best to work hard and fit in.


Transformers: Exiles

Optimus Prime first met Pinion while pursuing a piece of the Blades of Time. Although the two briefly fought while Prime attempted to rescue the piece from an incinerator, they both apologized for the misunderstanding. Pinion felt a connection to the piece of metal, but could not explain it.

When the Decepticons attacked Junkion, Pinion, Mainspring, Clocker, Chaindrive, and Cannonspring were drawn together to re-form the mighty Prime Nexus Prime to help defend against the Decepticons and Star Seekers. Nexus Prime pulled forth his Omni Blade and passed the Cyber Caliber over to Optimus Prime. Although he refused to kill anyone, Nexus Prime essentially held off the Decepticons and the Star Seekers for a time, on intimidation alone. As Megatron and Thundertron left to pursue other goals, Nexus Prime reclaimed his swords and gave some last words of encouragement to Optimus Prime before splitting himself once more. Reduced to a set of five protoforms, Nexus Prime vanished into space and the annals of history once more. 

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