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Pilot (Part 2) is the second episode of Transformers: Robots in Disguise.


Bumblebee and his new team must stop a Decepticon from reaching nearby Crown City.


Fixit points out that Russell's dad was in the scrapyard and questions what is a dad. Bumblebee quickly replied by stating what dads are. Bumblebee prevents Russell from pursuing Underbite, insisting it's too dangerous, but Sideswipe points out the incoming Grimlock, who transforms to dino mode. Though Bumblebee's braced to fight Grimlock off, the Dinobot simply sniffs at them and then dashes off into the woods after Underbite. Telling the others to stay put, Bumblebee gives pursuit, however when Russell runs off as well, Strongarm uses it as an excuse to follow Russell. Also Fixit's jabbering results in Sideswipe going after them.

Grimlock vs Underbite 2015 RID.jpg

Grimlock intercepts Underbite at the scrapyard and the pair begin grappling. Though Underbite suggests that they're on the same side and therefore don't need to fight, Grimlock disagrees and they continue to toss each other around, while an oblivious Denny puts away the Billy the Breakfast Beaver statues he's bought. Bumblebee arrives and prepares to subtly intervene, however the element of surprise is spoiled by the arrival of the rest of his team, who dive straight in. After tossing Grimlock aside, Underbite starts chowing on the Beaver statues, until Strongarm manages to attract his attention.

Sideswipe and Russell find Denny in the old diner, and Russell points his dad to the Autobots and Decepticon rapidly bearing down on them. Grimlock jumps on Underbite and begins punching him repeatedly. While the Decepticon is thus busy, Bumblebee suggests Denny take his son somewhere safe and complains about his team not following orders. Underbite again manages to get the better of Grimlock, and begins chowing down on the junk, however he soon spots Crown City in the distance, and immediately sets out for it.

Grimlock ready to fight RID 2015.jpg

With the Autobots gathering themselves together, Grimlock again springs to his feet, only to find his foe has gone. Realizing where Underbite is headed, Bumblebee prepares to give chase, and the others insist on going too. Strongarm scans a new vehicle mode on Bumblebee's insistence that they maintain a low profile. Fixit also arrives with the news that he's got a single stasis cell back online, and some capture devices which he distributes to the team. Bumblebee, Strongarm, Denny and Grimlock soon roll out, leaving Sideswipe to take care of Russell.

Driving along, Underbite is slowly weakening from the lack of sustenance — organic material being unsuitable for him to consume. He asks a bird how far he was from the bridge, but the bird looked at him strangely. Meanwhile, Sideswipe finally finds a car to scan, and Russell has the idea to take along the rest of the Beaver statues. The rest of the team has already caught up with Underbite at the bridge to Crown City and start using Fixit's capture tools on him, however the tools swiftly fail.

Just punching.jpg

They attempt to block Underbite's way, though a fight proves unnecessary as Sideswipe arrives and lures Underbite away with the trailer-load of Beaver statues. They lead the Decepticon to the edge of the quarry, and the team starts trying to push Underbite over the edge. Unfortunately when Sideswipe joins in, it allows Underbite to grab some statues from the Autobot's trailer and powers himself up. Tossed aside, the Autobots can only watch in alarm as Underbite picks up Denny's truck and begins crushing it.

Optimus alive.jpg

At which point Optimus Prime suddenly grabs Underbite and tosses him into the quarry. After revealing that Denny is fine, Optimus admits he's not quite sure whether he's alive or not. After complimenting the team Bumblebee has put together, Optimus gives a stirring speech and tells them he does not know what fate has in store for him, before dematerializing.

Grimlock hug Strongarm.jpg

Some time later, Underbite is resecured in the working stasis cell as the Autobots move the equipment salvaged from the Alchemor into the scrapyard. Grimlock's concerned that they'll put him back into a stasis cell too, Strongarm insists to follow protocols but Bumblebee instead puts him on probation. Excited by this, Grimlock hugs Strongarm around and thought if probation is a good thing. The inevitable team squabbling begins, Denny clay puts his hand on Russell and Bumblebee talks to himself about not letting Optimus down even if he said it enough that he could believe it. Grimlock grabs on Sideswipe and Strongarm shoulders and started to sing about being on probation.






Fixit: Oh mercy, his dad's in there! *pauses* What's a dad?

Bumblebee:'s an older member of this planet's dominant species that shares genetic material with the younger member and assists in the rearing and education of that member.

Fixit: Oh. Why didn't you just say that?

- Fixit and Bumblebee.

Fixit: I'm no fighter either, I'm a lover. Let's see if ol' Fixit can find something to help out with these fugitives. Maybe some weapons... gear... I can tell we're going to be great friends, Sideswipe. Hey, do you have a nickname? No no, wait, let me guess. Scooter? Rumblejack? Bill? Mine is M.C. It's actually a loooong story... Sideswipe? Hello?

— Fixit to Sideswipe, who leaves during Fixit's short conversation.

Grimlock: We got a dance to finish skrud!

Underbite: You're from the prison ship too. I'm not gonna eat the whole planet. Just the crunchy parts. So why're you botherin' me?

Grimlock: I like to pick on things my own size. And just because we rode here together, doesn't make us travel buds.

— Grimlock fights Underbite.

Bumblebee: Fixit, you are my favorite Mini-Con. *Capture device breaks* Fixit, I'm rethinking my rankings.

— Bumblebee

Strongarm: Teach me like Optimus taught you.

Bumblebee: I'M NOT OPTIMUS!!!

Sideswipe: That's too bad, because we could really use a Prime right about now.

— Strongarm, Bumblebee and Sideswipe missing Optimus.

Bumblebee: Optimus, you are alive! *pauses* Are you alive?

Optimus: That is unclear, but I do know I cannot maintain my presence on Earth for much longer. You have found an excellent team.

Bumblebee: We found each other actually.

Optimus: Together you will confront many challenges. The forces facing Earth are immense and formidable, but I am certain you will accomplish great things. As you did today.

Bumblebee: But we needed your help, Optimus. We always will.

Optimus: You are ready to lead Bumblebee, do not doubt yourself.

Bumblebee: Will I see you again?

Optimus: I am not certain. The universe has a plan for me, but I do not know what it is. You will prevail Bumblebee, you must.

— Optimus compliments Bumblebee and his team before disappearing.

Bumblebee: Consider yourself on probation.

Strongarm: But sir...

Grimlock: YEAH! *runs to grab and hug Strongarm around* I'm on probaaaation. Yes on probaaation.

— Grimlock

Bumblebee: I... we... won't let you down Optimus. And if I say it enough, maybe I'll actually believe it.

— Bumblebee has high hopes for his new team.


Continuity notes

  • In this and part 1, the capsules holding the Decepticons are referred to as "stasis cells", whereas in later episodes they're referred to using the more standard name "stasis pods". This change appears to have been made due to the amount of spitting the term "stasis cell" produced in the recording booth.[1]
  • The capture devices Fixit brings are:
    • A device Bumblebee uses which looks like the Decepticon Hunter introduced in "As the Kospego Commands!". It's unclear if this is actually meant to be another Decepticon Hunter, and it doesn't function the same way.
    • A crossbow claimed by Strongarm, which malfunctions in this episode, but she'll be seen using it in later episodes.
    • A sword, which goes unclaimed but can be seen being used by Sideswipe in later episodes.
  • When the Autobots confront Underbite near the bridge, Underbite is so low on energy that he can barely walk. However, even after being attacked by Bumblebee and Strongarm, he somehow has the energy to run after Sideswipe and then transform and chase after him. It's possible that the weapons Bumblebee and Strongarm used somehow energized Underbite, but there's nothing in the scene to suggest this.

Prisoner manifest

  • In stasis: Underbite
  • On probation: Grimlock
  • Countless others all missing, presumed at large

Transformers references

  • Fixit's nickname M.C. could stand for Mini-Con.


  • The first thirteen episodes of the series, this included, first premiered in Mandarin on Chinese streaming video site M1905.


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