"What say we give him this Autobot's little eye-receptors as a trophy?"
―Pilfer to Jacknab. [src]

Pilfer is a Corvicon whose robot mode is same as Filch in Combiner Force season. He has two brothers whose names are Boostwing and Jacknab which they are a three-man criminal gang.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise


Season 3

In Get a Clue, Pilfer accompanied Jacknab in breaking in to the Crown City Gold Depository, a plan that had been masterminded by Boostwing. When Strongarm showed up to arrest them, Pilfer ambushed her from behind as she tried to arrest his brother, and suggested taking her optics as trophies to give to Boostwing after they broke him out of custody. The arrival of the rest of the Bee Team quickly led to the brothers' defeat, and they were cuffed to be locked up alongside their brother.


  • Pilfer and his brothers share the same body-type as Filch, but with a different sculpted head in robot mode, and are somewhat smaller in size.


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