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Phoenix is the communications expert of the Earth-based Autobot forces. He's an expert on breaking Decepticon cyphers, a fact of which he's very proud. In fact, he'll happily lecture anyone about how he does it and how good he is at it.

He's just as proud as his skill with his "Snake Rod" whip as well, which moves with the speed, grace and lethal effectiveness of its namesake animal. His "Cloudraker" attack uses his whip to create a massive jetstream, smashing the enemy with wind power.


Super-God Masterforce cartoon

Voice actor: Masato Hirano (Japanese)
Italian TV dub name: Vertic
Russian TV dub name: Liven (Ливень) ("Downpour")

With the Decepticon Pretenders sealed away, the Autobot Pretenders all went to live out their lives as humans. Phoenix eventually relocated to an aviation department in Germany as an engineer.

Some time later, when the Masterforce War reached the point of recruiting humans to become living Transformers, Phoenix and the other Pretenders returned to the Pretender base and received a message from an old friend: the Pretender Grand, the little brother of Fortress Maximus. Grand passed on blueprints of a project that would aid the Autobots in their fight against the Decepticons. From that point on, the Pretenders served strictly as engineers and mechanics for the construction of God Bomber.

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Super-God Masterforce comic


Super-God Masterforce

  • Phoenix (Pretender, 1988)
    • Japanese ID number: C-202
    • Accessories: 2-part Pretender shell, helmet, belt, "Snake Rod" whip, "Wave Blaster" rifle
Phoenix's toy is physically identical to the Hasbro Pretender Cloudburst, transforming into a Cybertronic jet fighter. His rifle becomes a nosecone/blaster extension in vehicle mode. The large Pretender shell serves as a storage piece for the smaller robot mode, and can also use the robot's blaster as a hand-held weapon.

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