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Pete Sinclair formerly worked for the now-defunct Fun Publications, most notably in editing Hasbro Transformers Collectors' Club magazine, contributing to its corresponding fiction, answering questions across various fan message boards, and serving as a highly ineffectual public relations officer.

Behind the scenes, Sinclair helped run BotCons for several years starting with 3H Enterprises, keeping panels running smoothly and heading events such as the charity auction. When 3H split apart in 2002 and the "primary" Transformers fan convention lost the use of the BotCon name, instead becoming OTFCC, Sinclair joined with Jon and Karl Hartman in launching the unofficial BotCon 2004 convention. When the official convention license moved to Fun Publications and got the BotCon name back, Sinclair moved to FP as a fandom consultant. He worked for them as a full-time employee until Hasbro revoked BotCon's license in 2016.

In 2020, a different management team began to announce and gauge interest for upcoming BotCon conventions, once again as unofficial and unlicensed events. Sinclair continued working with them, now under the auspices of his own company, Night Shining, Inc.

Sinclair later repurposed the official TFCC Twitter as his personal account and continued to use it for several years until 2021, when a series of escalating incidents—posting the kind of stuff that gets your aunt or uncle banned on Facebook, coupled with repeated stalking and harassment of his critics—resulted in the account getting deactivated. As a result, quite a few official social media features have been rendered lost media, such as character bios and background information on Collectors' Club releases.





Voice actor: Himself (English)


Managing editor[]


  • Collectors' Club Magazine issue #5 onwards


  • "Dawn of Future's Past" (co-writer with Forest Lee)
  • The Coming Storm (co-written with Jesse Wittenrich)
  • Battle Lines (co-written with Jesse Wittenrich)
  • A Flash Forward (co-written with Jesse Wittenrich)
  • "Invasion" (co-written with Ben Yee)
  • "Timeless" (co-written with Jesse Wittenrich)
  • "Another Con" comic strips in Collector's Club magazine (with Rob Meyer)