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Persuasion is the eleventh episode of Season 3. Sixty-third episode of Transformers: Prime. Aired on July 12, 2013


Megatron appeals to Ratchet, while Optimus goes head on against Predaking.


Optimus tries to get up on his feet after being knocked down by Predaking, who transforms and lands nearby, ready to attack with his blaster. However, Optimus was able to counterattack with a multitude of punches against Predaking. Meanwhile, at the Solaris building, the firefight between the Vehicons and Autobots continues until Wheeljack ends the fight with a grenade. The Autobots managed to enter the room where Shockwave is overseeing the operation of obtaining the Particle Collider and fighting the Decepticon forces within. Ultra Magnus took on Shockwave and threw a few blows at the decepticon scientist. Optimus Prime struggles to maintain ground against Predaking, but then the Predacon uses a savage kick that knocks Optimus to the ground. Predaking transforms into his dragon form and was about to use his firebreath to possibly finish him off until Megatron contacts him and orders Predaking to help secure the collider.

The Autobots had just finished the Vehicons and Ultra Magnus bringing Shockwave to his knees when Predaking crashes through the roof and quickly defeats them. Optimus manages to get back on his feet when Predaking and Shockwave escape through the Ground Bridge with the Particle Collider. Arcee radios Ratchet for a Ground Bridge, but receives no answer. Bulkhead, Smoke, and Fowler start wake up from being knocked out by Soundwave. Bulkhead receives the message from Arcee and informs her that Ratchet is gone.

On the Nemesis, Ratchet wakes up to see Megatron approach him and informs him that he requires his assistance. Ratchet refuses to cooperate, but Megatron states that he doesn't need his cooperation, because Shockwave is using the Cortical Psychic Patch to obtain the information. Meanwhile, at the Autobot base, Smokescreen is upset at his poor aim as Arcee was examining the piece of Laserbeak that he shot off. Bulkhead checks their Ground Bridge and confirms that Ratchet was taken by Soundwave by using the Decepticon Ground Bridge. Magnus reveals that there was no ransom or demand, which leads to Optimus stating that Ratchet already has something that the Decepticons want. Bulkhead says that Ratchet wouldn't give up whatever Ratchet had to the Decepticons.

Predaking returns to the ship and learns that an Autobot is onboard and plans to do what he planned to do to Prime to this intruder, but Megatron informs him that their prisoner is crucial in the restoration of Cybertron. Megatron ensures to Predaking that when the Autobot's usefulness is over, he'll be turned over to the Predacon.

Agent Fowler orders everyone in the military to increase surveillance and satellite monitoring by phone. Wheeljack theorizes that the Decepticons took Ratchet for his formula for Synthetic Energon. Smokescreen then asks why that would they want the formula when the Decepticons already control most of the planet's Energon.

Bulkhead says it was because of greed but, Optimus remembers that Ratchet surmises that Megatron is attempting to rebuild the Omega Lock, and that Synth-En is a necessary component. Fowler reminds the Autobots that if the Decepticons have found Ratchet, it means they now know the location of their base.

Back on the Nemesis, Shockwave's Cortical Psychic Patch only confirms that Ratchet hasn't stabilized the formula. Megatron has another plan; after Ratchet wakes up in the cell in bonds, Megatron tells him that he wants him to complete the formula. Ratchet refuses to work for Megatron, even though Megatron informs that the combination CNA and Synth-En forms the Cybermatter that revive Cybertron then, Ratchet calls him a barbarian for destroying Cybertron and Bumblebee's voice box. Megatron gives him to two options: Finish the formula or lose his fellow Autobots. Ratchet pretends not to be interested in the Humans, when Soundwave was showing a picture of the kids, but then the image changes to the Autobot base. Megatron informs Ratchet that if he cooperates, the Autobots will be unharmed. After leaving Ratchet in order to consider his offer, Megatron reveals to Starscream that he wasn't serious and orders him to send his armada to destroy the Autobot base again.

At the Autobot base, Fowler and the Autobots are disturbed that there is lack of Decepticon activity. Optimus notes that since the Decepticons aren't stealing Predacon bones or Earth technology, there's no way to track them. Ultra Magnus then suggests that they should go "old school" and split into groups to search for them, but before they could proceed, they were interrupted by alarms signalling an incoming attack. Starscream and a fleet of Vehicons are approaching the military base. The soldiers rush to their jets in order to defend their base. Starscream commands his armada to concentrate their attack on Hangar E as the military jets open fire. Starscream evades the humans' artillery and lets loose a series of missiles that hit Hangar E and reduce it to a fiery ruin. He then reports to Megatron that the base has been destroyed, and the Decepticons depart. The soldiers put out the fires of what is actually their Mess Hall, with the Autobots watching and it was revealed that Hanger E was repainted to an "F."

Back on the Nemesis, Megatron has Ratchet released to give him a tour of the ship. Ratchet planned to attack Megatron, but Megatron begins showing off some of the Decepticon technology on the warship. Ratchet is reluctantly impressed on how Decepticon tech is more advanced than what he has been using at the Autobot base. Megatron tries to convince him that Autobots and Decepticons share a common goal which is the restoration of Cybertron. Ratchet counters by stating that even if they revive Cybertron, it would not stop Megatron's ambitions, which the Decepticon leader doesn't deny, but he says at least they would have a world worth fighting over. Ratchet asks what assurance he would have that Megatron would leave Earth and humankind alone. Megatron simply replies that no assurance is being offered, knowing that as an Decepticon, any assurances by an Decepticon is worthless. Megatron then states that Ratchet is their only hope of reviving Cybertron, which Ratchet looks on with surprise.

Back at the Autobot base, Team Prime realized that the piece of Laserbeak, which Smokescreen shot off when he infiltrated their base, is his transponder. Raf hooks the transponder up to his laptop and says that it's trying to communicate with the Decepticon warship. Jack asks how Raf can understand Cybertronian code, and Raf says that Ratchet used to teach him in his free time. Fowler asks if they can be able to triangulate the signal to the warship, but Ultra Magnus reminds him it's going to a ship that it is shielded. Arcee notes that if the transponder was still attached to Laserbeak, they could follow it. Wheeljack proposes giving it wings, and he and Raf start putting the idea into action with the materials in the metal shop.

Meanwhile, on the Nemesis, Megatron leads Ratchet to Shockwave's lab and states if he agrees to help, he will be provided unrestricted access to their supplies. Ratchet notices one of their devices that he identifies as a Quantum Cyro Inducer and states there were only two made in the world. Megatron corrects saying that there are three and the one Ratchet is holding is the original prototype.

Jack sees Fowler looking at the Apex Armor and asks if anything's wrong. Fowler admits he's been thinking of how many close calls that the humans had at the hands of the Decepticons, and that technology like the armor could provide their military agents a fighting chance whether or not the Autobots are around to protect them. He also suggests that Jack could be one of those agents himself someday, an idea he's discussed with June. Jack isn't exactly thrilled to hear they've been talking about him, but his protest is interrupted by Chip, Raf's newly-built flying device that houses Laserbeak's transponder, which will lead them straight to the Decepticon warship and rescue Ratchet.

Ratchet explains that even if the Omega Lock could be rebuilt, the chances to scientifically replicate the device's mystical properties are very slim. Megatron says they won't know until they try, and shows Ratchet their progress: an almost-completed Omega Lock, attached to the underbelly of the Nemesis. Shocked that Megatron managed to succeed on his plans. Megatron states that the only thing left is the completion of the Synthetic Energon formula. After consideration, Ratchet reluctantly agrees to complete the Synth En formula.


Raf: "Miko, I needed that!" Raf hangs out with Ratchet too much.


  • Fowler refers to Miko donning the Apex Armor.
  • Ultra Magnus refers to Ratchet making his new hand.
  • Ratchet refers to Megatron crushing Bumblebee's voice box
  • Fowler refers to being stuck in Knock Out's trunk.


  • Predaking tells Optimus his name even though he named himself in Evolution. The Autobots called Predaking by his name in the film but it was unlcear of how they knew his name. Presumably, Optimus may of told them or they received the information elsewhere.
  • For the first time since Darkness Rising Part 5, there is no title sequence.
  • Shockwave mocks Magnus' one hand when he himself has only one hand.
  • Ratchet's synthetic energon experiment becomes of use to the Omega Lock. 
  • Predaking is evidently more hostile to Optimus, as he attempts to shoot him at the beginning of the episode. His reaction to Optimus ordering him to stand down is much more hostile. Either he changed his mind about Optimus offscreen or his original personality and memories are reawakening. A possible reason is that his memories are returning as he was cloned from the body of his original form, explaining his hostile reaction, as he was left to die in the Cataclysm.
  • Predaking's hostile reaction to Optimus ordering him to stand down is the fourth foreshadowing statement implying the Predacons at becoming the new main antagonists. Though it wasn't until Predacons Rising.
  • Predaking's blaster makes its debut. It resembles the movie version of Megatron's fusion cannon's portrayal in the second film.


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