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Perceptor is a Cybertronian scientist and a member of the Autobot Council. He has two alternate modes: one is a pick-up truck and the other is a mobile laboratory complete with a huge microscope! His nerdy friends include Wheeljack and Red Alert. To make matters worse, he sounds like Stephen Hawking. That is not right.


Transformers Animated comic

Perceptor, along with Red Alert and Wheeljack, helped to create the first flying Autobots, Jetfire and Jetstorm. He seems to be in charge of the team. The Arrival issue 6

Transformers Animated cartoon

Voice actor: PlainTalk (English)
Wheeljack perceptor transwarped

...I'm sorry, what? I was trying to figure out what he was saying.

Perceptor was one of the Autobots, along with Wheeljack, who created Omega Supreme during the Great War. He explained to Ratchet what it is he had to do for Omega to actually become a living, thinking Autobot instead of just a giant paper weight. TransWarped

He warned Sentinel Prime that he must come to Cybertron immediately to deliberate why he should be the next Magnus and that he isn't "destined" to become it. He also rode on Grandus in front of a wonderful crowd of past G1 characters. Decepticon Air

He must like deliberating, because he did just that on whether or not to destroy the most powerful weapon created by Autobot kind which was full of evil bad guys. This Is Why I Hate Machines


Transformers Animated

  • Perceptor

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Perceptor's design art

  • His head resembles Mojo Jojo's, a villain from Powerpuff Girls.
  • His abdomen distinctly resembles the Autobot insignia (leading some fans to shout "AUTOCROTCH!!" upon seeing him.)
  • Instead of an actor, PlainTalk is used for his voice, which results in Perceptor having a robotic monotone. Looks like Soundwave has some competition.
  • PlainTalk was also used for Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction" song, sooo does this mean Perceptor got to sing?
  • According to the series' writers, Perceptor's monotone voice/speech pattern is a result of deleting his own personality and capacity for emotion to create room in his processor to store more information. [May, 2009]
    • Him actually having no emotions is a little debatable being that in Rise of Safeguard he seemed to be at least happy to try out his new virtual reality program. The case may be that he deleted his emotions after the experiment, but that would be impossible being that he talked in monotone some time before that.
    • Deleting all emotion to become more intelligent may be a reference to Spock from Star Trek who suppresses his emotion to make way for logic.
  • He is a super advanced alien robot with glasses, really?!?!
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