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The name or term Perceptor refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Perceptor (disambiguation).

Perceptor is a scientist, one of the most astute minds the whole of Cybertron can offer. He is perpetually seeking the continued quest for knowledge, and his discoveries have repeatedly proven invaluable. Though his specialties lie in metallurgy, molecular chemistry, electrical engineering, and additional sciences closely concomitant to Transformer physiology, his thirst for knowledge has made him kind of a scientific jack-of-all-trades.

One of Perceptor's most infamous mannerisms is the tendency in which he verbally communicates using scientific terminology. This has the unforeseen result of exasperating and occasionally frustrating his comrades. One might hypothesize that the jovial mechanoid is unaware that not everyone with whom he seeks to communicate shares his extensive vocabulary.

Engaging in physical melee is not his preferred activity. He is content to make his contributions to the Autobot cause in the manner in which he deems sufficient, but will engage in combat if the situation requires. Optimus Prime often relies on Perceptor's perspicacity, and considers him as inestimable as any of his officers.

French name (Canada): Percepto
Italian name: Supervista ("Supersight"); Super-Visor
Hungarian name: Észlelő
RTM dub name: Dr.Baster
Russian name (6th channel): Микроскоп ("Microscope")



Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

On Cybertron, Perceptor was often considered an officer or otherwise highly ranked personage by other Cybertronic life forms in the vicinity, inspiring in the aforementioned others a tendency to view him as a "commander" of a faction of Autobots who engaged in armed conflict against localized enemy forces until such a point as the aforementioned combat unit, or the surviving portions thereof, crossed the multidimensional warp system for transport, otherwise known as the Space Bridge, to join the forces based on the planetary body known to the overwhelming majority of those of his species who had shifted their operations to its locality as Earth. The Bridge to Nowhere! He was later deactivated for a somewhat extended period of time, by human standards if not by those of his species, by the opposing faction (as judged by an outside observer who insists on a binary classification system) in the Underbase conflict, so named for the goal of the conflict, a legendary storehouse of Cybertronic knowledge. Yesterday's Heroes!

Marvel UK future timelines

In a parallel junction of quantum-temporal values, Perceptor aided his fellow residents of Autobot City in the initiation of combat proceedings against unwanted Quintesson visitors possessing acutely nefarious intent. Unfortunately, said combat proceedings proved to be incapable of properly sustaining the necessary level of applied force to rebuke and rebuff the forward progress of the invading hostile xeno-biological entities, leading to a cessation of proper operating status for Perceptor and several of his Autobot co-actors. Space Pirates!

One solar-tessertrial revolution cycle later, Perceptor again responded to the presence of hostile activities when an Autobot interstellar transport shuttle made a sudden and disastrous relocation from space to earth at velocities far exceeding safety protocols. At the shuttle's location, Perceptor fell into a paradoxical situation necessitating that the Autobots save their commander Rodimus Prime from his own disparate mental status. White Fire

Generation 2

Perceptor did not engage in random fisticuffs and altercations with the Cybertronians, for that would most emphatically be in a milieu of activity not of his preference. Alternatively, he participated in an expedition of a scientific nature to the lunar orbiting body of J'asik to determine what nefarious entity had structurally destabilized the populace at a molecular level. His findings unveiled astonishing and almost inarticulable obfuscations from deep in Cybertronian past. Swarm

American cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Paul Eiding (US), Chikao Shiroyama (Japan)

Perceptor arrived on Earth during a period of time occurring after the initial impact of the Ark into the planet. Dinobot Island, Part 2

It is unknown exactly when he arrived, but the malfunctions he suffered during the Cybertonium depletion crisis would lead one to conclude that he had been present when the Ark crashed onto prehistoric Earth during the encounter with the Nemesis. Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 1

The pencil is mightier than the sword!

During his period of habitation on that planetary body, he experienced a myriad of adventures. Included in that scope were incidents such as: reconfiguring his mass ratio to a microscopic scale in order to sever the connection of the Heart of Cybertron to Megatron's body Microbots

Being abducted by the Decepticons, along with Seaspray. The Golden Lagoon

Traveling through the interstellar void with Jazz to reacquire Cosmos from Saturn's moon Titan. The God Gambit

And landing on an unexplored world in which Cybertronian lifeforms were minuscule in relation to the immense indigenous population. Child's Play

He also synthesized a panacea to remedy the deadly Cosmic Rust epidemic. Cosmic Rust

Memoirs of a tiny alien robot geisha with a male alien robot's transplanted brain

Perceptor's actions continued to be of intrinsic strategic import, particularly following the distinct tactical deficiencies during the battle of Autobot City that resulted in the expiration of Wheeljack, and pointing out that "gamma waves in this sector of space create marginal navigation probablilites" as the Autobots fled Earth. The Transformers: The Movie, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1, Forever Is a Long Time Coming, Thief in the Night, Starscream's Ghost, Madman's Paradise, Webworld

Perceptor blasted Devastator into his components in microscope (hidden) cannon mode. Carnage in C Minor, The Quintesson Journal, Only Human, Grimlock's New Brain

He also accompanied Rodimus Prime on a multitude of his manifold peregrinations. During one of his final known excursions with Rodimus, Perceptor found his universal emulator taken from his body and transplanted into the Zamojin construct called Nijika, which resulted in Perceptor's consciousness taking up residence within that form. All things considered, he took it quite well, and helped free the planet from the tentacled grasp of the Quintessons. The Face of the Nijika

Japanese cartoon continuity

Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Masaharu Satō (Japanese)

Perceptor, Wheeljack and Minerva were summoned, called forth, or otherwise sought out by Star Saber to save, preserve, and defend the life of the critically damaged and weakened Ginrai. Ginrai Dies!!

They succeeded, converting the former Transtector into the mighty Victory Leo. Fight!! Victory Leo, Ultimate Crisis!! Autobots, Awaken! Victory Leo, The Tide Is Turned! The Ultimate Weapon: The Victory Combination, The Strongest! Victory Saber

Japanese Generation 2 manga

Look at him, all tiny back there.

Perceptor, along with Wheeljack and Jetfire, discovered new properties of the Matrix which allowed Optimus Prime to revive himself as Laser-Rod Optimus Prime subsequent to a crushing defeat by Megatron.

Teletraan Go! Go! comics

The doctor is in...sane.

Sent to gather data on Perceptor, Teletraan 15 found him giggling creepily over a microchip and telling it that it was time for its check-up.


As she recoiled in horror, Perceptor's tone became clinical and, retracting his faceplate, he demanded that she identify herself.

After Teletraan 15 recorded her notes on the Autobot scientist, he transformed into his seldom-seen mobile battle mode and took her for a ride...whether she wanted it or not.

Universe: The Wreckers

Perceptor counseled Rodimus Prime against making a leadership decision that, when one considers both the opinions of observers that are generally regarded as wise, to such an extent as observers with finite capacity for knowledge can comprehend the infinite, and the final results of the decision in question, could be regarded as less than optimal.

Knowing the commander in question many of those reading this documentation may surmise the result... Betrayal

Dreamwave Generation One comics continuity

G1Perceptor MTMTE.jpg

Perceptor was again held to be an officer or leader, a position he occupied with Blaster, among a group of underground Autobots on Cybertron after the unexpected return of Megatron, who had disappeared along with Optimus Prime many years ago in an early space bridge test, commanding the Aerospace Extermination Squadron, an army of Seeker-form drones. The combat efficiency of these Air Warriors, as they were also known, led to a Decepticon conquest of Cybertron, as well as the enslavement of many Autobots. During this period, Perceptor theorized that if Megatron had survived the space bridge explosion, one could logically conclude that Optimus Prime also survived. At a base appropriately designated the Think Tank, Perceptor designed and built a device intended to locate Optimus Prime. Before a proper test of the device could be conducted, Perceptor's group managed to capture an Air Warrior, with the intentions of examining its systems with the hope of finding an effective counter measure against the drones. The War Within: The Age of Wrath Unfortunately, financial irregularities on the part of Dreamwave's President resulted in the company filing for Chapter 11, where it currently remains in Bankruptcy court to this day, precluding any possible end to the story at this time.

Millions of years after the aforementioned events, Perceptor again allied with a group of Autobots who opposed the oppressive regime of the Decepticon Shockwave, but these activities were covert in nature and he publicly remained a respected Autobot scientist. He presented evidence of Shockwave's unorthodox experiments on various Transformers, as well as the fact that Cybertron's spatiatl coordinates seemed to have changed, to the High Council. The High Council was unwilling to take any constitutional action against Shockwave, over feelings of gratitude for his assistance in restoring the peace, even after they were verbally accosted by Ultra Magnus. Ultimately, any censure or movement against Shockwave was discontinued due to a rampage on the part of the Stunticons. After Optimus Prime escaped custody and united the various resistance movements, Perceptor participated in the Autobot leader's offensive against Shockwave's fortifications within Hub Capital Iacon. He also helped to repair Grimlock, commander of the Dinobots, despite the latter's well known bias against intellectuals. War and Peace

Dreamwave Transformers/G.I. Joe comics continuity

In the year 1985, Perceptor and Blaster hastily took off for Earth in an starship poorly-suited for interstellar travel, despite Perceptor's protests. Upon arrival, they unsurprisingly crashed, landing in the forests of Oregon near Mount St. Hilary. They were discovered there by a G.I. Joe team led by Flint. Targets of Opportunity

Note: Due to Dreamwave's bankruptcy, Blaster and Perceptor's motivations for coming to Earth - and pretty much anything else - were never revealed.

Devil's Due G.I. Joe versus Transformers continuity

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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IDW comics continuity

Cut the crap, Perceptor, and just get the cable back up!

Perceptor embarked upon a mission in which the Ark-17 was the principal mode of transport as likewise did Springer, attempting to disentangle Kup from a scenario that would all but undoubtedly lead to his expiration. Perceptor, as was the general consensus of those who had embarked upon the voyage, attempted to dissuade Springer of the less than optimal, considering resource allotment, military operation he had accepted. Spotlight: Kup

He later served on Autobot Orbital Command Hub, acting as a peer to acting-command Silverbolt. He appeared to know Blaster of old, and helped him with his investigation. Spotlight: Blaster

At the instruction of Prowl, Perceptor took the invalid Kup to an Autobot research center to undergo a variation of the Pretender process, meant to re-vitalize the aged warrior. Prowl also put Perceptor in direct command of overseeing Kup's recovery (and the secret integration of certain decision making protocols). Perceptor followed Kup everywhere from then on. All Hail Megatron issue 15

Which is not necessarily the safest place to be when you consider that you're following one of the leaders of the Autobot crack suicide squad, the Wreckers. On one rescue mission, Perceptor had his whole chest compartment blown clean open. Left for dead he was rescued at the last moment by the independent Drift. Spotlight: Drift

Perceptor recovered physically but the brush with death left deep emotional scars. Instead of just repairing the damage, the scientist upgraded many of his systems, including occular enhancement, arm stabalizers, and an adamant chest piece, turning himself into a top class Sharp shooter just in time to save everyone from an overgrown Monstructor. All Hail Megatron issue 15

Perceptor was with the Wreckers when they crashed on Cybertron where he applied his advanced skills in defense against the Swarm. Silent sniper Perceptor is Scary.

A year after the defeat of Megatron, Perceptor was with the Wreckers still during their mission to Garrus 9 where he ended up leading the detachment of rookie Wreckers. The Last Stand of the Wreckers issue 2 He uncovered the fate of Fortress Maximus and broke into the Aquitus chamber to download the super computers files. The Last Stand of the Wreckers issue 3 He tried to fight Overlord with the rest of the Wreckers but lets face it, how much chance did he stand? However, along with Kup he was one of the only two Wreckers to escape the prison planet operationally. The Last Stand of the Wreckers issue 5


Generation One

  • Perceptor (Autobot, 1985 / 2005 / 2009)
    • Japanese ID number: C-39
    • Accessories: "Concussion Rifle", missile launcher, 3 missiles

Because its easier to see small things when you have a giant laser cannon aiming at them.

Formerly a Microchange MC-20 Micro Scope, Perceptor transforms into a predominantly red, functional microscope. His magnification is limited to 14X due to the relatively crude nature of his lens. In robot mode, Perceptor is armed with a red laser rifle and a spring-loaded rocket launcher that can fire one of three red missile-shaped projectiles.
A holdover from his Microchange origins, Perceptor can also transform into a 'tank' mode.
The Japanese version does not launch missiles from the scope, despite what some sources say.
There is an old variant of this toy: some have a more golden-hued chrome than the normal silver. This is not a very common variant.
The mold is later repainted to make Magnificus.


I will blow up your whole city. For science.

  • Perceptor (Legends, 2006)
Available as part of the first assortment of Classics Legends of Cybertron, Perceptor is a redeco of the Legends of Cybertron Red Alert. He transforms into a BTR-90 armored personnel carrier with a large missile/laser cannon/microscope/telescope/rocket-thingy.


Heroes of Cybertron

  • Perceptor (2003)

What's the deal with corn nuts?

Perceptor was released in the fourth wave of the Heroes of Cybertron line as a mostly unaltered version of the Perceptor figurine from the Japanese Super Collection Figure line, though as a HOC he uses the standard "all clear-blue plastic painted over" coloring process to give him light-piped eyes. He came with the head and sword of the Fortress Maximus build-a-figurine.


Yeah, I got a new tattoo Prime.

  • In the animated portion of Perceptor's original toy commercial he is presented as being quite small, the size a microscope would be in relation to Prime's robot form, and not growing at all, but remaining just as tiny in robot form.
  • A Perceptor Action Master was planned at one point, but apparently went no further than a concept sketch. Unlike some other Action Masters, the art is based solely on the toy, including its faceplate. It has the distinction of carrying on Perceptor's well-armed legacy, with not just one but TWO shoulder mounted microscope cannons, arm shields, and a large handgun.[1] The figure may have been intended as a pilot or driver for an Action Master vehicle, as the handgun has handlebars jutting off either side. Or, perhaps, the aforementioned munition was engineered to be wielded in an akimbo manner.
  • The initial inspiration for Perceptor came from the anime series Armored Trooper Votoms. Shinji Aramaki, designing toys for Takara at the time, liked the microscope look of the heads of the mecha from that series, and applied it in a more literal sense with the Microchange toy, but his involvement ended at the conceptual stage.

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