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Perceptor is a Mini-Con from the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.


Perceptor is a Mini-Con combiner made up of Grindor, Sureshock, and High Wire, and despite his size, he possesses immense strength that is enough to knock over even Starscream or Megatron.

Japanese Micron Legend name: Bumble
Japanese Superlink name: Cliffjumper


Cartoon continuity



Perceptor only uses his combined form when it is needed, such as if it's for more power or if it's for his components to attain an increased size. In some situations he is very fast and strong. In other episodes, he is only able to keep Thrust from killing Starscream. He can't hold out against Leader-1 and Bonecrusher when they work together. Perceptor seems to lead the Mini-Cons in some instances, shaking hands with Prime and Megatron to show the Mini-Cons were willing to help fight Unicron.


Comics continuity




Perceptor as depicted in Energon

Fan Club Cybertron comic



  • Street Action Team (Basic, 2002/2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-01
  • Street Action Micron Anime Color (CD pack-in, 2003)
  • Magna Convoy DX Set (Multi-pack, 2003)


  • Perceptor (Basic, 2004)
This mold-set was also used to make Heavy Metal and Super Link Windcharger.


  • Perceptor (Basic, 2005)
Energon Perceptor was repackaged on a Universe-themed card and sold through discount chains in the US like Big Lots!


  • Backblast vs Sureshock
  • Blastcharge vs High Wire
  • Scrap Iron vs Grindor
Perceptor's Cybertron version was not made available as a complete set; he could only be assembled by buying all three of the Street Action Team vs Deep Space Mini-Con Team two-packs. Since this assortment was the final wave of two-packs, they are somewhat harder to find than the other sets. Both the Deep Space and Street Action Mini-Con Teams were not depicted on the back of the box to combine, only in the manual.


  • A PVC figurine of Perceptor was made as part of the ninth "Act" of Takara's Super Collection Figure series. He was available in both full-color and pewter-finish versions.


  • According to Aaron Archer at OTFCC 04, he chose to name the Armada Mini-Con combiner robot "Perceptor" to honor the Takara employee who engineered the Street Action Team - because that employee was also responsible for engineering the original Generation One Perceptor toy. It's likely this was Hideaki Yoke, but Archer did not specify at the time. It may be interesting to note that noted mecha designer Shinji Aramaki also worked on the original Perceptor, at the very least coming up with the initial concept, but given that he was long-gone from Takara and directing the animated movie Appleseed in 2004, Archer probably didn't mean him.
  • Considering Sureshock is possibly a woman (depending on the continuity), the combined Perceptor is all girl from the waist down; that's a new one, even for a normal Transformers sub-franchise or series.

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