Pepsi Convoy is an Autobot in the Generation One continuity family.

"Pepsi is the right of all sentient beings."

Pepsi Convoy has but one mission -- to bring cool, refreshing carbonated beverages to the thirsty sentients across the galaxy. With his powerful CO2 gun and Bottle Station, no thirst shall go unquenched!

He is made of a special sample of "sentient metal" originally developed by NASA that was entrusted to the Autobots. This same metal makes up the mysterious thirst-quenching "superhero" Pepsiman. It is unknown if Pepsi Convoy shares other traits with Pepsiman, namely a good running speed, near-muteness and rather poor luck. But he probably has its ability to make Pepsi appear out of thin air.



Party on, Slurms!

Generation One

  • Pepsi Convoy (Autobot, 2005)
In 1985, a special version of Optimus Prime was released with bonus Pepsi decals for his trailer in the US market. This toy was the inspiration for the 2005 Japanese reissue of the Optimus Prime toy as Pepsi Convoy, a much more... overt cross-branding. This release has several new Pepsi-themed paint masks and decals, as well as an entirely new trailer unit, specially designed to carry a single 500ml-size bottle (a common size in Japan), three 350ml cans, or 12 bottle caps (bottle cap figurines being a common and popular collectable item in Japan).
This toy was slightly altered —- specificially, the smokestacks were shortened —- to make the Hasbro Toy Shop exclusive "Pepsi Optimus Prime" (which was also available as a prize for winners of the "Transform Your Summer" contest).


  • The final bio for Pepsi Convoy does not contain the direct, named reference to Pepsiman originally written by author Hirofumi Ichikawa, but still mentions the "sentient metal" that is the basis of Pepsiman's origin.
  • This is not the only overt PepsiCo crossover with Transformers... check out the Mountain Dew Robots. Pepsi Convoy totally needs to hang out with Dispensor.

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