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The Pentagon is a huge, five-sided office building located just outside of Washington, D.C.. It is the headquarters of the United States Military.


Dreamwave comicsEdit

Two years after the Ark II disaster, Spike Witwicky was brought to the Pentagon by General Hallo. The massive office building was home to all manner of sinister machinations, not to mention Larry the Janitor. General Hallo led Spike to the Development of War Technology Division's headquarters, a "window on the world," where satellites kept the DWT abreast of events from around the globe. While one of the Division's officers calmly watched a nuclear explosion, Hallo showed Spike some pictures, satellite images of the revived Megatron. Prime Directive issue 1

Later, after witnessing General Hallo's Operation Clean-Up against the battling Transformers, Spike was returned to the Pentagon by helicopter and locked in a cell. Since janitors routinely have keys to the detention cells, Spike was freed by Larry, who gave him some papers about Project Lazarus. Spike thanked him by throwing him to the floor and stealing his security pass. Prime Directive issue 4

Armed with the deadly papers, Spike stormed the DWT Division headquarters. Inside the DWT, Hallo had just performed a military miracle by singlehandedly launching nuclear missiles—at an American city, no less. Confronted with the terrifying Spike and his scary papers, Hallo pulled a pistol and held Spike off long enough to rant about power and security. Then the President of the United States showed up with the Secret Service and "Defense Minister" Dawson to arrest Hallo, who chose instead to get shot to death for waving a pistol at armed military personnel. Prime Directive issue 6

Transformers (2007) filmEdit

Defense Secretary John Keller orchestrated the response to the Decepticon invasion from the Pentagon.

Frenzy successfully hacked into the Pentagon's mainframe through a computer on board Air Force One.

IDW ComicsEdit

Ramjet had successfully placed a facsimile agent named Harrison in the Pentagon, who gave him the access codes to the United States nuclear arsenal. Megatron later threw Ramjet's severed arm through the wall. Spotlight: Ramjet

Somehow, the wall was miraculously fixed when the Pentagon organised a meeting about the Ark-19 appearing in US airspace. Devastation issue 3

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