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This article is about the young girl with the My Little Pony almost as big as she is. For the other young girl with the My Little Pony almost as big as she is, see Little girl.

Penny Princess is a human supervillain from the Transformers Animated continuity family.

I'll get those Powerpuff Girls!

Penny Princess, Ph.D., aka Professor Princess, is a hideously buck-toothed little girl out to rid the world of violent boys' violently destroying them and any who stand in her way. Also, she hates rock music. (No accounting for taste...) Her arsenal includes a magic wand, razor-edged flowers, exploding kitten dolls, and her toy flying unicorn, Powdered Sugar, which fires both beam- and projectile weaponry from its horn.

Go ahead and laugh, but she took out Bulkhead and humiliated Starscream.

She insists she is just trying to save people from dangerous, corrupting influences, and will not classify herself as a criminal or villain.

"This girl needs to cut down on sweets."
Sari Sumdac[["Sound and Fury"| [src]]]


Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Kath Soucie (English), Carmen Katt (German), Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese)

The head, shoot it in the head!

Professor Princess found a nasty giant robot toy in the woods one day. It ordered her to fix it, but forgot to say please, so she shot it. It got the message and she decided to help out. A few moments later, she pulled out a mirror and revealed how she "helped": by putting a wig on it, and covering it with make up. Then she shot it again. The nasty toy started moving again, and grabbed her, threatening to blow her away. She bought her freedom by pointing out if she went, an image of the robot in his wig would be sent out across the world. The robot decided it had been a bad enough game, and flew off...not realizing Professor Princess had made its wings look like beautiful rainbows. The Arrival issue 2

She shouldn't have refused the Don.

Professor Princess attacked a toy store where Bulkhead and Sari Sumdac were shopping as part of her crusade to destroy "awful, violent toys" (oh, the irony...). In her opening attack, she succeeded in incapacitating Bulkhead. However, Sari weakened her with a concentrated attack of very loud music from a Key-enhanced stereo, and Bulkhead pinched Powdered Sugar's laser horn as it was about to fire, causing it to explode. The wannabe supervillainess was left bawling in the middle of the street, her unicorn's decapitated head on her lap. Sound and Fury

Slo-Mo later recruited her along with Nanosec and the Angry Archer to form a villainous team to defeat the Autobots once and for all. Professor Princess was initially opposed to the idea of classifying herself as a villain, but showed little aversion to stealing a large sack full of dolls on the team's first crime spree. Soon, a mysterious benefactor recruited the group to steal components for a massive weapon. While seeking out the weapon parts they needed, Princess used her magic wand to neutralize Angry Archer's nasty violent exploding arrows, preferring her own rainbow-and-pink-glitter colored explosions instead. At the end of that mission, Swindle betrayed his human lackeys. The group joined forces with Bumblebee to stop Swindle, but the villains would not completely reform. Botching their getaway by attempting to use the disabled jeep, they were captured again and sent back to jail. SUV: Society of Ultimate Villainy