"Back on Cybertron, they laughed at me. Called me a lousy bot-worm! But here, it's gonna be different... I'm gonna be the biggest thing on this PLANET!"
―Ped [src]

Ped is an Earthworm like Decepticon Petty thief Who dreams of getting out from the bottom of the Decepticon ranks and move on top one day. Luckily for the Autobots, he is not too bright and would fall for little gullible acts. His alt-mode is a tanker truck.


Ped is a corrupted and spiteful Decepticon. He was goaded by Jazz and Sideswipe, which would show that he is gullible to Jazz's talk of him being Ped's second in command and enraged when Sideswipe referred to him as a "bot worm", which tricked Ped into tumbling both of them into a stasis pod. He also explains that most Decepticons would refer to him as a "lousy bot worm", which would enrage him as well. Ped prefers to show them who is in charge, but fails to realize that he only cares about what others think of him, as Jazz explained to Sideswipe in Can You Dig It? and used Ped as an example.


Robots in Disguise

Ped was one of the many Decepticons imprisoned aboard the Alchemor. When the ship crash-landed on Earth, he was freed from his stasis pod.

In Can You Dig It?, Ped set up a bucch of network tunnels and began scrounging energon cubes scattered by the ship's crash. Ped eventually attacked a human construction site to recover an energon cube. Not long afterwards, he raided Denny Clay's scrapyard and stole most of the Autobot's stockpiled energon. Bumblebee and his team, along with Jazz, travelled into the tunnels to recover their stolen energon. Bumblebee and Strongarm encountered Ped digging, and realized that his constant tunneling had undermined a part of Crown City. Ped grabbed Bumblebee as Strongarm was holding the part of crown city in place. Ped drops Bumblebee and escaped when he heard that Sideswipe and Jazz had found his Energon stash when Jazz contacted Bee. When he got to them, Ped attacked Sideswipe and threatened to crush him if Jazz did not step away from Ped's stolen energon. Jazz tried to negotiate Ped and Ped revealed that he is hoping to monopolize large amounts of the precious resource so that he could negotiate with other Decepticons. Jazz suggested that Ped will need a second command just in case any Decepticons get out of line. Ped fell for it and Jazz uses his sonic weapons to knock Ped, but it also collapsed the tunnel. Ped escaped with the energon in the confusion.

The Autobots later set up a trap to lure Ped above ground and recapture him. However, Ped was able to secure the Autobots in a sinkhole while he goes after Denny Clay and Russell Clay. Denny told him to just take the energon and leave, but Ped thinks the Decepticons would think badly of him if he did not take care of the humans first. When Ped asked Russell where Denny was, Denny arrived in his crane to knock Ped unconscious. While Sideswipe escaped the pit to fight Ped, Jazz was grabbed and zapped by Ped. Sideswipe managed to goad Ped into attacking him and releasing Jazz. Ped grabbed Sideswipe and they both were squabbling in the stais pod. Sideswipe was joined by Jazz and together the two managed to bait the enraged Decepticon back into his stasis pod, at which point Denny dropped an electromagnet on Ped's head and placed back in stasis.


Robots in Disguise

Season 1


  • "Ped" is a term for a soil aggregate, a piece of dirt.
  • Ped's paralyzing bite and digging capabilities are similar to the Mongolian death worm.
  • He doesn't seem too fond over his similarities to a worm.
  • His character model served as the basis for Crustacion.
  • While Ped's species name wasn't given in the show, writer Adam Beechen would refer to him as a "Centipede-o-con" on his blog.



  • Eddie Deezen who voices Ped is also known as Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory and Gibby Norton in the show "What's New Scooby Doo?".
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