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In the far future the Autobots finally win the war against the Decepticons...but everything doesn't go as planned.

Marvel UK Annual 1988

Writer: Richard Alan
Art: Robin Smith
Letters: Glib
Colours: Steve White

  • Originally published: December 1987


In the year 2510 the final Decepticon falls in battle with the Wreckers. Relieved that the war is finally over, Rodimus Prime decides to step down as leader and selects Springer as his replacement.

However a Decepticon double agent, called Triton, who has infiltrated the Autobot ranks is determined to prevent the war from ending. When Rodimus announces Springer as his successor he objects, saying that Springer is a warrior, not a leader. He suggests Ultra Magnus would make a better leader.

Arguments break out amongst the Autobots over who should be leader which culminates in Scattershot killing Roadbuster. Sandstorm blames Triton for Roadbuster’s death and kills him. The Autobots split into factions and a new war begins, much to Rodimus’ despair.

Items of note

  • This is one of only a handful of stories from this era not to be written by Simon Furman.
  • This story was seemingly never intended to be "the" future of the Transformers timeline. When a reader wrote in to address seeming contradictions between Peace and the present, the concerns were dimissed by calling Peace "just a story about the stupidity of war".
  • It seems a bit odd that the Autobots would just start shooting at each other over something like this. Heck, why were they EVEN carrying weapons with the Decepticon threat being over? Granted some bots have built in weapons but they would have removed those or just made them inoperative?