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Payload is a Decepticon-allied Mini-Con from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy.
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Payload, like his fellow Lunar Assault Mini-Con Team members, spends his time attacking the normally-serene Exploration Mini-Con Team. Though he is physically one of the strongest Mini-Cons, Payload doesn't like to use his strength in combat; he'd rather outwit an opponent. As such, rather than engage his foe in a one-on-one brawl like Kobushi, Payload battles his "rival" Ascentor with brains, setting traps in the hopes of one day ensnaring the brilliant Mini-Con.



CYB payload withalt

Can't...stop...doing...the MONKEY!

*Payload vs Ascentor (2006)
A redeco of the Adventure Mini-Con Team member Ransack, Payload transforms into a pickup truck of undetermined model with oversized off-road tires and rollbar. He has a working winch mechanism connected to a spool and gear system in his torso; the cable, once pulled out, can be retracted by rolling Payload in vehicle mode, or by attaching him to the gear system on the Armada Cyclonus mold.
Payload was only available in a two-pack with the Exploration Team Mini-Con Ascentor.
The same mold is used by Torque.

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