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The Pax Cybertronia was the unilateral peace accord signed after the Autobots defeated the Decepticons in the Great War. Little is known about how it came into existence, but it is known that Optimus Prime played an incredibly significant role in making it happen.


Beast Wars[]

According to the known terms, it places the Decepticons (and later their descendants the Predacons) at great disadvantage, with the Autobots (and later the Maximals) firmly in control. It kept the peace on Cybertron, while keeping much information away from the Transformers about their ancestors.

Leading up to the Beast Era, powerful factions within the Predacon Alliance such as the Tripredacus Council want to continue to build up their resources under the restrictions placed on them by the Pax Cybertronia before a new campaign of conquest. This is a major point of contention between the leadership of the Alliance and sub-factions that would prefer action today.


  • The Pax Cybertronia appears to be based on the Pax Romana.
  • The reluctance of the Predacons and their subservient role in the new world is also somewhat reminiscent of a post-WWI Germany, which was forced to pay excessive reparations and was restricted in its weapons development, or to the modern Neo-Confederate movement in response to the conclusion of the American Civil War.
  • Megatron's comment on the Predacons merely "biding their time", as well as the covert schemes of the Tripredacus Council, shows evidence of them treating the era as a secretive, undeclared cold war.