Titan4.3 Pavel

Pavel is a crew member on the icebreaker NS Yamal. He really likes his coffee, so long as it's not the Russian stuff.


Titan Prime comic

Ice Breaker

During a mission to deliver families to McMurdo Station, Pavel was slurping his coffee, much to the annoyance of Captain Kirill. Pavel protested that the sound kept his mind off the taste of the "lukewarm sludge" he was drinking. Though Kirill suggested he'd be able to warm up once they reached McMurdo, when Megatron ripped the roof off the bridge, Pavel decided things had heated up quite enough. Pavel and the rest of the crew were rendered unconscious by Starscream's static lance, and by the time they came around, the ship reached McMurdo. Pavel wondered if he should write the incident up his his report, but Kirill told him he should instead go find some of that fine American coffee.

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