Path Finder is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.

Mighty robots! Path Finder is in the upper-left corner

Path Finder is one of six explorers from an alternate dimension, come to Cybertron and Earth to seek out a solution to a threat against their home. She has joined the Autobots, keeping their origins a secret, and communicates with Treds, the leader of the trio who have infiltrated the Decepticons. She is a high-ranking Guardian in her home dimension, a calm and rational leader with great wisdom.


Fun Publications comic

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Path Finder, along with other displaced GoBots, somehow ends up at Axiom Nexus and is "processed". Transcendent: Part 1 Withered Hope


Generation One

  • G1 GoBots (Multi-pack, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: 84
Path Finder is a redeco of the Mini Vehicle Cosmos toy, transforming into a flying saucer. She was only available in the Japanese e-Hobby exclusive G1 GoBots six-pack with Bad Boy, Bug Bite, Road Ranger, Small Foot, and Treds.



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  • Path Finder is clearly intended to be the character from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon based on the Tonka GoBots line. Her name does not appear on any of the final product materials; the name was only given in an early Photoshopped promotional image from the e-Hobby website. The individual toys' names were dropped when Takara's legal department became concerned at how Bandai—the company that made the toys that would become the Tonka GoBots—would react to the names being used, despite the minimal chance of provable trademark infringement on Takara's part.

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  • Path Finder's coloration comes from an early Japanese Transformers catalogue picture (right), which shows different colors for all of the 1985 Mini Vehicles than the final versions.
  • Unlike the Transformers, the GoBots were originally a race of organic humans who replaced much, but not all, of their bodies with machinery. Thus, Path Finder is a cyborg and not a true robot.

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