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There's combat on the surface, and meetings in the underground.

Transformers: Generation One: War and Peace > Issue #4
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Writer: Brad Mick
Pencils: Pat Lee
Inks: Rob Armstrong
Backgrounds: Edwin Garcia
Layout assists: Ferd Poblete
Colors: Espen Grundetjern, Alan Wang & Gary Yeung
Letters: Ben Lee


With the Omnibots and Defensor already down, Security Team Dion do what they can to quell Menasor's terrorism of the city. During the combat, Ultra Magnus reflects on the differences and similarities between him and his brother, Optimus Prime. After some goading and taunting to unharmonize the individual Stunticons, a truck-to-the-face takes Menasor out of action. As Magnus helps Topspin, Twin Twist points out evidence connecting Rumble and/or Frenzy to the crime scene (whom Magnus last saw leaving Shockwave's office), prompting even more suspicions from Magnus regarding Shockwave's agenda.

Elsewhere, the Dinobots remain en route to the obvious source of the corruption on Cybertron—Shockwave's tower. But Grimlock breaks from the group to visit Shockwave personally at the smelting pits. Before Grimlock can execute Shockwave, Blitzwing interferes, still angry about having his cannon bent out of shape in Alaska.

Broadside and the Autobots from Earth head to an unknown destination. Under the cover of a cloud of smoke, Prowl and Ironhide are passed to Smokescreen, who starts to lead the two to a destination somewhere in Cybertron's wastelands. On the way, they pass some graffiti left by a separate Autobot movement.


McGruff here! I'm just reminding you to TAKE A BITE OUT OF PRIME.

Optimus, (last seen being both rescued and attacked by a Sharkticon) wakes up to see the Sharkticon's face again. Panicked and unaware of his location, Optimus strikes out at the Sharkticon while Blurr and Wheelie quickly and ineffectively try to detain the elder Autobot. Before anyone can be seriously hurt, Hot Rod arrives and forces Prime (at gunpoint) to relax. Then Kup shows up and lays it on the line.

Almost at their destination, the Dinobots are quickly taken out by a gigantic figure, and Slag is barely able to radio to Grimlock for help. On the other end of the communication, Grimlock is preoccupied fighting against Shockwave and Blitzwing, even holding the advantage against the two Cons. A rocket from Ultra Magnus takes the Dinobot commander out of commission.

Kup gives Optimus a tour of the resistance group's base, introducing Arcee and Blaster. Blaster delivers news that Shockwave is broadcasting a code to exacerbate the recent surface violence. Springer arrives with Smokescreen, Kup, and Ironhide. Kup and Ironhide have a tender old-timers' reunion, then Springer reveals an immediate threat to any counter-Shockwave resistance effort: the reactivated guardian robots.


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Items of note

  • Ultra Magnus's defeat of Menasor is an abbreviated parallel of Optimus Prime single-handedly taking down Devastator in the previous volume.
  • Like many Transformers action figures, Smokescreen's allegiance is revealed by rubbing his rubsign.
  • Either not all Autobots and Decepticons have met each other, even after millennia of war (hence Smokescreen introducing himself), OR Smokescreen was re-introducing himself because he'd received a new form since the Autobots last left on the Ark.
  • It's never made quite clear why Prime has to be taken through the slave trails first, then Prowl and Ironhide later.
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Vagrant bounty hunter? Vagrant hobo? You decide!

Covers (2)

  • Cover A: Springer, Gnaw, Arcee and the left side of the back of Prime's head (left), and
  • Cover B: Kup, Hot Rod and the right side of the back of Prime's head (right), art on both by Pat Lee. The covers can connect to form a single image.


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