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Specifics: Omega Supreme all parts-ed out, a Seeker similarly, maybe Roadbuster's backpack assembly deal

A partformer (or parts-former or partsformer or part-former, also sometimes a Lego-former) is a fandom term for a Transformer toy that transforms by removing pieces of one form, then reattaching them to assemble the other form. For example, the original Seeker molds required the jet mode's landing gear and weapons to be removed before transformation, and then reattached (along with the robot's fists, which simply sat around in jet mode) to complete the robot form. The original Omega Supreme is probably the prime example of a "partformer", since all of his robot mode limbs and backpack are formed from separate pieces from his central tank body.

This term is often used derisively, as by and large engineering technology has removed this style of transformation from the line.

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