The Paradron Medics are Autobots from the Generation One continuity family.

Submissive and afraid to fight? It's like Bizarro-Arcee or something.

Paradron medics hail from the planet Paradron where a group of pacifist Autobots settled while trying to escape the Great War. As such, they are all likely cowardly peaceniks who'd sooner be shot in the face than defend themselves. Oddly, they all look exactly like Arcee but with a different paint job and none of those shoulder-thingies.


The Transformers cartoon

During an outer space battle with the Autobots, Cyclonus and Scourge found themselves defeated and left unconscious on the hidden world of Paradron. There they were then taken in by a community of pacifist refugees from Cybertron. Near the fountains flowing with energon, the two Decepticons were nursed back to health by a pair of Paradron medics. Upon regaining consciousness, Cyclonus and Scourge smacked the medics in the face and tossed them to the side so that they could gorge themselves on energon. The medics simply got up and left without saying a word. Fight or Flee

G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers continuity



I'm pretty sure this is the Japanese version, isn't the American one greener? (Or was that the filecard?)

  • Paradron Medic (Super Collection Figure)

A recolor of the Arcee PVC figure, Paradron Medic was a chase figure. It is easily distinguishable from its American counterpart by its modified Paradron Autobot symbol.

  • Paradron Medic (Heroes of Cybertron)

A recolor of the Arcee PVC. It is easily distinguishable from its Japanese counterpart by its normal Autobot symbol compared to the modified symbol of the SCF version.

Unpretty 2

  • Palisades statues

A repaint of the earlier Palisades Arcee statue, inspired by a pin-up poster by Rob Armstrong[1]. The statue features looks-right-at-only-one-angle perspective and a face so flat you'd swear she'd flown into a window.

The sculpt is based on the Studio Ox character model, with its obnoxious shoulder-armor rig.


  • The Paradron Medic inspired the limited-edition Japanese "Paradron-Type" redeco of Energon Arcee. This toy was not a separate character, but just that series' Arcee with an inexplicable color change.
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