Paradise is a planet in the Headmasters portion of the Generation One continuity family

I don’t know about you, but living in a hut in a jungle with volcanoes erupting on a daily basis ain’t my idea of paradise.

The planet Paradise is a natural wonderland of vast jungles, roaring rivers and waterfalls, smoking volcanoes and beasts of all shapes and sizes, all co-existing in harmony with the tribes of human-like beings living there. Although choosing to live a primitive existence, dressing in robes made from animal skins and living in yurts, the people of planet Paradise defy appearances by being intelligent, well-spoken creatures.


Headmasters animated series

Planet Paradise was among the planets targeted by Galvatron as he led the Decepticons on their interstellar energy quest. Tearing up a section of jungle as they landed and opening fire on a group of locals, killing several, the Decepticons then began to drain the energy of a nearby volcano. The Autobot Headmasters arrived not long after, and Highbrow was approached by a native girl, Papika, and alerted to the Decepticons’ activities. Highbrow was subsequently captured by the Decepticons but freed when he united in Head Formation with his team-mates, and they soon sent the Decepticons fleeing from the planet. Head Formation of Friendship

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