This article is about the eponymous story in which Paddles first appeared. For the character himself, see Paddles (character).

The story of Paddles, the stupidest, gentlest Dinobot nobody loved, even the other Dinobots.

Vital Statistics

ISBN 0-7434-9791-0
Writer: Jean Rabe
Pagecount: 21pp

Major characters:

Originally published in the Transformers Legends anthology: iBooks, 2004


The Dinobot Paddles is left for dead on Dinobot Island after a battle with the Decepticons. Many years later, he's reawakened by archeology students Randall and Ed to complete his aborted battle with Raze before again being buried in the sand, for a while.


Paddles takes place in its own continuity, roughly analogous to the 1984 cartoon with some significant differences.

As in the cartoon, the Dinobots were created in two separate "generations", the first consisting of Grimlock and Slag (no Sludge), and the second Snarl and Paddles (no Swoop).

The story takes place after events equivalent to the episodes Dinobot Island 1 and 2, wherein the island was sealed off by Trailbreaker's force field.

Paddles appears relatively newly created at the time of his deactivation; he'd formed few associations among his fellow Autobots other than the affable Bumblebee, and though Grimlock and Slag were good friends with Spike, Paddles had never seen a human close up.

Raze is a Decepticon jukebox unique to this world. He fulfills a role similar to Rumble.

The story makes vague allusions that Paddles and Raze may have been transported to another world (not inconceivable, given Dinobot Island's temporal anomalies), which would seem to jibe with Randall and Ed's ignorance about the existence of Transformers.

Items of Note

  • The character of Paddles has many broad similarities to the Dinobot Sludge (who does not exist in this continuity), but this is probably not intentional.
  • Paddles's interest in, attraction to and idolization of the "beautiful" Randall and Ed is similar to Sludge's attachment to the human Joy Meadows - except it's totally gay.
  • Paddles was disabled when one of Raze's pulse-cannon bursts struck him at the exact same spot as a "lucky burst of fiery breath," the signature weapon of the Dinobots.
  • It is entirely possible that Grimlock, who disliked Paddles, arranged his accident. It wouldn't be the first time.
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