PARD is a British defence system from the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

PARD stands for Purnel's Auto-Reverse Defence. It makes Decepticons nice and Autobots nasty.


Marvel Comics

Professor Purnel had been developing PARD at a secret research facility in the United Kingdom for at least five years before its first successful test. Intended to direct missiles back at their senders, he ensured that the test signal would not affect man-made technology though it interfered with the systems of the two warring factions of earthbound Cybertronians instead, causing the Autobots to attack humans and the Decepticons to apologise and try to fix things.

As the Transformers attempted to track down the source of the signal, Purnel uncovered a rat in his own house - his assistant Zeke Heilmann was a spy who intended to steal PARD. Heilmann floored Purnel with a chair and set fire to the control room, stealing the core of PARD and a nearby Porsche to escape. Unfortunately for Heilmann, Starscream caught up with them, and in the ensuing battle both PARD and Heilmann were destroyed by one of Jazz's heat-seeking missiles. To a Power Unknown!

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