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Override doesn't know the meaning of the word "subtle." Announcing his presence with the deafening blast of his engines, he wants his enemies to know he's coming. The only thing he loves more than blasting Decepticons is charging full throttle, tearing up the roads. Override loves shifting into his powerful "Override Gear," joining battle at frightening speeds, Triggerbot guns blazing full volume (hopefully they hit something), with apparently no concern for his own well being. But this is not true. Annoyingly vain, Override can spiral into depression at the mere sight of a scratch on his chassis. It's probably the only time he quiets down.

Muffler? What's that?

French name (Canada): Autopilote
Hungarian name: Gázoló (meaning Wader)


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One


...I'm gonna ask my Dad if we can play catch.

Millions of years ago, Override was one of the Autobots under the command of a young, inexperienced Optimus Prime, then a junior officer. Leading them into neutral territory to meet with a wise Transformer known as Boltax, they encountered several booby traps along the way. Override, in particular, was helpful in deactivating the mercury minefield which threatened to boil them. When they reached the Temple of Knowledge, Override and the other Autobots were instructed to wait outside while Optimus Prime communed with Boltax. The Flames of Boltax!

Years later, in the present day, Override, the other Triggerbots, and the Sparkabots were imprisoned by the Decepticons. Three of their number were taken by the Decepticons to Earth, but Override was left behind. Ca$h and Car-Nage!

During the Matrix Quest, the Triggerbots were sent to the planet Cheyne. They stayed with a family of Vrobians who were persecuted by the local law enforcement, but over a period of time, Override and the others forgot their original mission, their past, and perhaps even their names! Fortunately, Dogfight discovered that the Vrobians were psychic vampires, putting the Autobots under their mental control. The Triggerbots rebelled, killed the family, and left Cheyne when no leads on the Matrix's location were uncovered. Kings of the Wild Frontier

Generation 2


C'mon, Override, pull yourself together!

When G.I. Joe sent word to Optimus Prime that Cobra had rebuilt Megatron, he sent a group of Autobots that included Override to fight him. After several of them were destroyed, Override's job was to distract Megatron while Skydive was loaded into the Ark. He succeeded, but Megatron tore him apart, so it was a somewhat pyrrhic victory. Final Transformations

Dreamwave comics continuity

Override and his Triggerbot partner Dogfight worked for Perceptor and Blaster during the Age of Internment. They remained underground for a considerable period of time before the Turbomaster Flash managed to recover Optimus Prime from Quintessa, and free the Autobots from slavery. The War Within: The Age of Wrath

Note: Dreamwave fell under before The Age of Wrath limited series was finished, so the above remains a reasonable, but technically unofficial, conclusion to the series' events.

IDW comics continuity

Override worked on the Ark-27, bringing Optimus Prime back to Cybertron to battle Bludgeon and his Frankenstein-recreation, Thunderwing. His crew later transported Optimus to Earth to join up with Prowl's infiltration unit.


Generation One

  • Override (Triggerbot, 1988)
G1Override toy

John Woo was on the design team.

Generation One Override transforms into a blue and red Cybertronian motorcycle. As part of the Triggerbots subgroup, he featured flip-out weapons. In motorcycle mode, pressing the trigger deploys the weapons from the rear end of the vehicle. In robot mode, the cannons are mounted on his arms.

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