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Deus Ex Machina

The War Within: The Dark Ages > Issue #6
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The War Within: The Dark Ages, issue #6

Writer: Simon Furman
Pencils: Andrew Wildman
Inks: Erik Sander
Additional Inks: Rob Armstrong
Colors: Alan Wang
Letters: Ben Lee


Shockwave announces the arrest of Bludgeon and co. for their role in The Fallen's evil plan. The three dark artists use their martial arts abilities to fight back, but Shockwave is supported by the rest of the Decepticon army.

Below, in the Well of All Sparks, energy from the four captives is funneled to open the Seal of Primus. Theatrically, The Fallen curses Primus. Wired into the machine, Jetfire struggles to comprehend the dark arts involved in the ceremony.

Above... Bludgeon, Mindwipe, and Bugly continue to defend against the Decepticons trying to disturb The Unbinding. In the sky above, Swoop films the battle and transmits the footage to Prowl and the Autobots. Investigating the reason for the conflict, Bumblebee scans the incredible energy inside the Wall. Prowl and Swoop agree to meet there, as the Autobots want to find the missing Jetfire, and the Lightning Strike Coalition want to retrieve Grimlock.

The Fallen explains to nobody in particular how the energy of the four captives have the genetic potential to form the angles of the geometry of dissolution, which form a key that unlocks the seal of Primus. Jetfire blathers while Grimlock, using sheer force, breaks free of his bindings.

Above, Mindwipe suggests to Bludgeon that it's time to fall back, but Bludgeon is already retreating. Shockwave disables Mindwipe. With the battle over, Swoop reveals himself to the Decepticons. While the retreating Bludgeon falls victim to Skywarp. Together, the L.S.C. and the Decepticons enter the facility that Bludgeon was protecting, and use Trypticon's firepower to blast through the locked portal into The Well.

On the other side, Grimlock breaks frees the still deactivated Hot Spot and Blitzwing and carries them outside. Jetfire radios the Autobots and requests they erect a containment field around himself and the Seal of Primus. The energy bubble pops open, Jetfire is witness to a radiant hand form from the energies unleaded by The Fallen. The glorious finger points at The Fallen, causing the evil transformer to burst alive, leaving no remains.



Later, Prowl and Shockwave meet outside The Well. It's agreed that a lock is to be placed on the doorway, which won't be opened until Cybertron stands united. Grimlock sort-of apologizes to Jetfire, who feels something terrible looming on the proverbial horizon.


"Never mind. Look, whatever's happening here is beyond even me. Theoretical, metaphysical, stuff I'm...just not quite ready to accept."
"But something's started. Something ancient and primal."
"And we're at underground zero!"

-- Jetfire

"And then there's that...incident , with the cerebro shell. And, well... the less said about that the better."
"But here, now, we have to-"
"Oh, sorry. Missed that..."
"On account of whole breaking free thing!"

--Jetfire and Grimlock


-- The Fallen's last words...such as they are.

"Whatever's in there stays buried until...until..."
"...all are one?"
Catchy. Yeah, something like that."

-- Prowl and Shockwave prove that an emphasis on logic leads to a lack of imagination

Items of note

  • Jetfire mentions some sort of incident with a cerebro-shell involving him and Grimlock. Could that possibly have a connection to Grimlock's irregular grammatical problems?
  • The Fallen's plan was apparently to release Primus, but The Fallen works for Unicron. The easiest explanation is to consider this issue the Dreamwave equivalent of "Primal Scream".
  • A teeny tiny Unicron is visible in the final panel as Jetfire talks about some oncoming threat.
  • Did Trypticon shrink significantly since last issue? see: Scale
  • The "Declarations of War" page has reader mail answered by Megatron, and a render of Megatron in his War Within mode by Chris Tordesillas.
  • The "Wavelengths" section contains an article from the desk of Megatron.


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