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Override is a female Cybertronian who lives on Velocitron, and who-due to her skill as a racer-has spent a considerable period as one of the planet's rulers.


Transformers: Exiles

At the time the Ark arrived at Velocitron, Override had served for some time as the planet's ruler, but had developed an unfriendly rivalry with her co-ruler, Ransack. While she too enjoyed racing, she was one of the few Velocitronians lucid enough to recognize her planet's declining condition, which included not only their obsession with racing but a dying sun. As such, she was relieved when Optimus Prime arrived, though she quickly learned that the Ark Crew of Autobots weren't in the greatest shape themselves. Despite this, she offered them her support, particularly when they promised to get Velocitron's Space Bridge operational again.

Due to the preaching of the Decepticon philosophy to Ransack and his supporters, a civil war soon broke out on Velocitron, with Ransack and Override leading opposing sides. Despite this, Override encouraged the Autobots to depart, thanking them and assuring them that they could carry on the fight. Sadly, after their departure Velocitron received two successive groups of unwelcome guests: the Star Seekers and Megatron's Decepticons. Fortunately, both groups soon left to pursue the Autobots, leaving Override to continue the battle for her world.