Overmatch is the fourteenth episode of Armada. It first aired in the United States on December 13, 2002 on Cartoon Network.



The Autobots have a solid victory thanks to the Star Saber, but then a mysterious and powerful mercenary gives the Decepticons a new edge.


In a mountainous area, under moonlight, the Decepticons search for another Mini-Con. As Starscream climbs a mountainside to the active panel, Hot Shot leaps in front of him and summons the Star Saber while Smokescreen goes after the Mini-Con. Hot Shot pushes Starscream down the mountain, and the two swing their blades at each other. Hot Shot's sword easily slices through Starscream's, and a resulting stray shard knocks Cyclonus out of Smokescreen's way. Megatron orders Demolishor forward, but Optimus then lands directly onto the Decepticon leader, leaving Demolishor to fight Hot Shot on his own. When Hot Shot removes Demolishor's cannons, Megatron once more orders a retreat. Smokescreen arrives at the base of the mountain and introduces the activated Mini-Con: Liftor. Optimus warns Hot Shot not to be overconfident, then almost notices a cloaked figure who was watching the entire battle. At the Autobot base, Rad complains that the fridge is full of tools, and Carlos explains that Alexis is out shopping for more food. This still does not explain why there are tools where the food should be. In a grocery store, Alexis buys some laundry detergent with bleach, and some de-greaser, even if there is a suspected risk of causing her fashionable Mini-Con to short-circuit. When she gets back to the Autobot base, Red Alert reminds the kids that the Mini-Cons shouldn't go out in public, and then silences Carlos's complaints of boredom. He then gives the kids an enhanced version of Laserbeak. In the Decepticon base, the Decepticons are healing their wounds while Megatron berates his own troops. But then the mysterious cloaked figure from earlier arrives, and Megatron introduces him as Scavenger. Scavenger belittles all the Decepticons, aggravating Starscream into an assault that Scavenger is able to deny outright, leading Starscream to hold another grudge. On Earth, Scavenger locates a yellow Mini-Con storage panel, but instead of grabbing it, he leaves it as a catalyst for a series of manipulated events. Soon enough, the Autobots and the Decepticons face each other in combat. Hot Shot is eager to use the Star Saber to make the first move. Cyclonus opens fire at Hot Shot, who leaps and slices off the Decepticon's butt. Starscream then challenges Hot Shot in open combat. Just then, Scavenger's laughter is heard, drawing everybody's attention. Optimus admits that it was Scavenger who taught Prime how to fight. Starscream tells Scavenger to butt out, and Scavenger tells Megatron to butt out. Starscream and Hot Shot begin their duel. Their first attacks bounce off each other. On the second approach, Starscream is able to put a nasty gash into Hot Shot's face. On the third dive at each other, Hot Shot again slices Starscream's sword. Scavenger pronounces that Hot Shot's victory was only because of the Star Saber. When Hot Shot challenges Scavenger, the mercenary uncloaks himself. Scavenger pushes Hot Shot back, and a stab from Hot Shot wedges the Star Saber within Scavenger's arm. Scavenger is unfazed and slaps Hot Shot away, then delivers a brutal punch to Hot Shot's gut, winning the fight. Megatron tries to claim the Star Saber, but Optimus intervenes. Cyclonus, however, has found the Mini-Con, and with the prize in hand, the Decepticons retreat. On the Moon, Megatron tries to unlock the Mini-Con, and Scavenger explains about the legend of the Skyboom shield. As Megatron reflects upon this new revelation, his laughter echoes through the halls of the Decepticon base...


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"Hah-ha! I found one! Something's glowing up in the rocks above you, Starscream. I'll bet you dollars to brainchips it's a Mini-Con!"


"Sorry to interrupt this little search party a' yours."

Hot Shot to Starscream

"I'm here for ya, Hot Shot!"
"I'm gettin' warm and fuzzy! Snag the Mini-Con, would ya, Smokescreen? It's planted in the rocks."

Smokescreen and Hot Shot

Megatron: "Demolishor!"
Demolishor: "Yes - at your service!"
Megatron: "Charge!"
Demolishor: "Who will you send in as my backup, sir?"
Megatron: "No one, you fool! You're on your own?"
Demolishor: "What about you, Megatron?
Megatron: "Uh, don't worry, I've got things to do."
Optimus: "I'll take you on!"

—A cowardly Megatron, a less-than enthused Demolishor and Optimus "Perfect Timing" Prime

"You want to go again?"
"Uh, no, uh, thanks. I've had enough punishment for one day."

Hot Shot and Demolishor, after the former slices off the latter's shoulder cannons

"Mommy! I just saw a robot in the store!"
"That's nice, dear."

—A little boy and his mother, upon seeing Sureshock

"Aw, why do we have to sit here why they have all the fun?"
"That's quite enough. They're halfway around the world, and it may be daytime here but it's nighttime there. Kids can't be walking around after dark, right?"
"What kind of lame excuse is that?"

—A very bored Carlos whining to Red Alert

"What is the meaning of this? I have never seen such a pathetic combat!"

—Poor David Kaye suffering from bad Engrish dialogue.

"I wasn't sure until just now whether I would respond to your request. I made up my mind after witnessing that battle and seeing how pathetically you performed. You need all the help you can get. Still, I'm impressed that you would have a base here. It's perfect for a warp facility. Nice work, Megatron. Sometimes your intelligence surprises me."
"Spare me the cynicism. Calling you was a last resort, believe me. We must have that Star Saber. Can we count on your assistance, my friend? I'll be certain to make it worth your while."

Scavenger sassing Megatron

"Megatron, I've heard rumors about these three assistants of yours. Some claim they are among the most fearsome of the Decepticons. So much for believing everything you hear."

Scavenger dissing the Decepticons

"Hah, I can handle it myself. This Star Saber wants to go to work so bad, it's practically beggin' for it."

Hot Shot

"My butt! What have you done to my poor butt?!"

Cyclonus laments the loss of his helicopter tail

"Enough stalling! Your trip down memory lane has nothing to do with me or this battle!"
"You're right, Starscream. On with the battle. I'm looking forward to witnessing your little performance."
"Oh, this will be more than a performance. And when I'm finished with him, I'm gonna do a little surgery on your mouth."

Starscream and Scavenger

Scavenger: "Hot Shot! You think you won, don't you? Well you didn't win on your own merit. That sword won the match for you!"
Hot Shot: "Sure about that? I'll take you on next if you're brave enough!"
Optimus: "Hot Shot—stand down!"
Scavenger: Laughs "Okay, I'll have some fun with you." Throws off cloak
Hot Shot: "Don't hold back on my account!"
Scavenger: Laughs "I'd stay focused if I were you!"

Hot Shot gets cocky with Scavenger, despite Optimus Prime's warning

"Oh, that's not too shabby for a mere amateur."

Scavenger, after brutally taking down Hot Shot


Animation and/or technical glitches

  • When Carlos tells Rad about Alexis's grocery trip, Rad calls Sureshock "Grindor". He again calls Sureshock "Grindor" when she returns.
  • After Hot Shot is defeated and the Decepticons retreat, Red Alert is heard asking Hot Shot if he is all right - but Red Alert is nowhere on the battlefield (It's presumed he's still at the base, like before), and Smokescreen is the one seen coming to Hot Shot's aid.

Continuity errors

  • Alexis refers to Laserbeak as "kind of like a spycam, only without the visuals," despite previous episodes showing that Laserbeak can record and broadcast visuals.

Transformers references

  • Scavenger refers to Megatron's reputation as the "Lord of Destruction," a reference to the Japanese Decepticon ranking title for leaders.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This is one of the few episodes of Armada that keeps every character consistently on-model with very few to no animation errors.








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