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Specifics: Toy and cassette mode

As you might guess from the name, Overkill is all about excess. Sometimes this works to his advantage, such as when his endless tirades and theatrics distract his foes in combat. Sometimes excess works to his disadvantage, such as when he gets so caught up in showing off that he becomes distracted in combat. And sometimes it just makes him look silly, swinging and blasting at a fallen foe long after the fight has ended.

Though he talks a better game than he fights, Overkill's dinosaur mode is strong enough to be a decent threat... except when the circuits that control his size-change from cassette to dinosaur malfunction (as they are wont to do) and he finds himself stuck as an audiotape-sized dino.

French name (Canada): Mâchoire ("Jaw")


Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: N/A

Oh so crucial to the plot.

Overkill was one of the many "primitive" Transformers who answered the call put forth by Primacron's assistant in response to the threat posed by Tornedron. Call of the Primitives

(Note: Overkill is seen ejecting from Soundwave's chest in response to the call. While Overkill promptly disappears, Slugfest does appear a few more times. He can be seen in one group shot panning the Primitives before they board Trypticon. Here he can be seen between the Predacons Razorclaw and Tantrum.

Slugfest appears again behind Rampage and above Steeljaw right after Sky Lynx is drained by Tornedron.

Assuming Overkill boarded Trypticon with the group, it is possible that he remained inside of him for the remainder of the episode.)

Headmasters manga

After the Decepticons abandoned Earth, Soundblaster remained behind with his cassettes. He jumped the Witwicky family out of nowhere, and had Overkill and Slugfest keep them hostage while he taunted their protector, Chromedome. While his back was turned, though, Overkill and Slugfest were overwhelmed and defeated by Daniel Witwicky.

Daniel Witwicky.

Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs the Transformers comics continuity

As part of Serpent O.R.'s Decepticon forces, Overkill attempted to prevent Optimus Prime and a group of Joes from escaping Decepticon headquarters. While trying to devour Hawk (and bragging about his future girl-bot harem), Overkill was violently blinded by Snake-Eyes and incapacitated. The Art of War, Part 5


In a gambit to counter a string of humiliating defeats by Grimlock, Overkill's leader had this new body built for Overkill. Overkill's chronic failure to grow larger in robot mode had become a permanent condition, sidelining him from the battlefield. This new body carries an armored interface housing in its chest allowing Overkill to be inserted in cassette mode, effectively overcoming his disability. (Summarized from the Botcon 2007 Custom Class booklet.)


Formerly bound to Soundwave as a partner and slave, Overkill was often overlooked by enemy and ally alike. Recently, however, he has overcome his diminutive size, reinstating his cerebro-circuitry in a larger, more dangerous body. Now, he is free to indulge his destructive whims, stomping cars flat, snapping tractor trailers in half in his jaws, and being generally terrifying.


Generation One

  • Slugfest and Overkill (Mini-Cassettes, 1987)
Overkill was only available with his partner, Slugfest, and transforms from a blue and white microcassette into what his cardback bio calls a "Tyrannosaurus" (the actual toy more resembles a ceratosaur, with a prominent nose-horn T. rex lacks.). He has two non-firing chromed "motion missile" weapons which attach to his robot-dino mode.
  • Overkill (Cassettron, 1987)
Japanese ID number: D-109
In Japan, Overkill was available only by himself. Like all Japanese releases of the cassettes, he also came with a clear-plastic "tape case" to store in.


Overkill Timelines

Me Grimlo—er, Overkill not kisser!

  • Overkill (BotCon 2007 customization class)
This repaint of Classics Grimlock was only available in the customization class at BotCon 2007. Parts were provided, but the individuals taking the class had to assemble and paint the toy.


  • Overkill (Universe Special Edition 2008)
Again a redeco of Classics Grimlock, this release of the figure has a different deco than the Timeline's version, adhering much closer to the G1 toy's original deco. It is available as an exclusive at Hasbro's online toy shop.

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