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Surprisingly for a BuffaloidOverhead is not only a cunning and intelligent crime boss, but has the technical knowledge and ability to construct a Space Bridge. While it's a closely guarded secret, she is the criminal mastermind behind the Cybercomrade Sect.


Overhead was a prisoner aboard the Alchemor and was freed when the ship crashed on Earth. Taking on the alternate form of a security truck, she began stealing the equipment she'd need to build a space bridge and used the U-Pack-It Self Storage Facility outside Crown City as a base. Unfortunately the Autobots found her base and shortly after she pulled off another theft, she was ambushed by Bumblebee and his team. After a brief fight, she opted to pull a ruse, offering to cooperate and help them track down the Cybercomrade Sect's leader in exchange for lenience. Not realizing that she was the leader they sought, Bumblebee left Overhead guarded by Strongarm and took the rest of the team to set a trap using a distress device supplied by Overhead. The Buffaloid was soon able to slip her bonds and overcome her captor before escaping.

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