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Overhaul is an Autobot from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy. Upon recieving a new body, he took the name Leobreaker.

Let's lionize, guys!

Overhaul is an elder Autobot warrior, having fought alongside Optimus Prime during the Unicron Battles and Powerlinx Battles, and likely before that, as well. He is gruff and oftentimes confrontational, but exceptionally loyal to the Autobot cause. He says he prefers to work alone, but knows deep down the value of friendship and teamwork.

As Leobreaker, his gung-ho attitude is heavily amplified, but he's no longer so independent-minded. He's become fast friends with Snarl of the Jungle Planet, and has even gained his own personal Mini-Con attendants. He's even taken a shining to Earth team sports like baseball, possibly as a replacement for war. This new focus on teamwork does have its downside; he harbors a litlte bit of resentment that his "Savage Claw Mode" combination with Optimus might not be as strong as the "Sonic Wing Mode" the Autobot leader can form with Wing Saber.

He is the cousin of the Decepticon Brushguard.

Japanese name: Jackshot / Ligerjack


Animated continuity


Voice actor: Paul Dobson (US), ??? (Japan)
Special attacks: Anchor Shot, Platinum Claw, Ultra Liger Drop

Who thought "Jackshot" was a good idea? No, seriously. Who?

During a battle for the Cyber Planet Keys with the Decepticons, Optimus Prime intended to send Overhaul and Landmine to the Jungle Planet. However, an attack by the Decepticons disrupted Vector Prime's gateway portal and Overhaul was left on Jungle Planet alone. There he became embroiled in the power struggle between Snarl, Snarl's mentor Backstop, and the Jungle Planet's brutal tyrant Scourge.

He trained hard, but could not best Scourge at single combat. He sought training from Backstop and Snarl, and eventually invoked the spirit of the world, finding himself transformed into the mega-feline Leobreaker.



File:Overhaul toy.jpg

My arms really suck.

  • Overhaul (Scout class, 2005)
Japanese ID number: GC-05
Overhaul transforms into an off-road vehicle similar to a Humvee. Plugging a Cyber Planet Key into his robot mode back launches his chest-mounted missile (you can do this in car mode too, but the missile is blocked). In Japan, he came with a silver-bordered Earth-style Cyber Planet Key, but for his Hasbro release he came with a silver Jungle Planet style key, with the Key Code "s9d7" on the back.
This mold is also used by Brushguard.

Another $10 and my arms still suck.

  • Leobreaker (Voyager-class, 2005)
Japanese ID number: GC-16
His Japanese version transforms into a liger, and possibly has more skill in magic.
This mold is also used by Nemesis Breaker. It is also the visual model for the comic-only form of Generation 1 Razorclaw in the Beast Era.
  • Leobreaker (Legends of Cybertron, 2005)
This toy is a much more simplified version of the Leobreaker toy.
This mold is also used by Classics Leo Prime.


  • Overhaul (Starter Set, 2006)


  • The original plans for Leobreaker involved a more coherent Savage Claw Mode arm design, complete with fingers and thumbs. But a variety of factors resulted in the simplified form, including rising petroleum prices.
  • The television CGI model of Leobreaker used during the combiner sequence animation, as well as the representation of the combined arm mode is based upon a modified version of one of the original prototypes of Leobreaker, who, as mentioned above, had a much more complex and believable 'arm-mode'.
  • Originally, Overhaul was going to be called Trailbreaker, in reference to the Generation 1 character of the same name. However, the trademark could not be secured for this, resulting in the name-change.
  • In a related tidbit, the original naming idea was apparently to go from Trailbreaker to Leobreaker. When they couldn't get Trailbreaker, it seems Hasbro considered naming Overhaul's lion form Overcast, as that name is listed as Leobreaker's American name in the Galaxy Force Phase Ignition guidebook. However, they ultimately kept the name Leobreaker.

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