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Overhaul is an Autobot from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family. Upon receiving a new body, he took the name Leobreaker.

So, I'm a robot that turns into a car that later turns into a robot that turns into a lion, but I still keep the same head sculpt? Dude, you sure this isn't just armour?

Overhaul is an Autobot warrior, having fought alongside Optimus Prime during the Unicron Battles and Powerlinx Battles, and likely before that, as well. He is gruff and oftentimes confrontational, but exceptionally loyal to the Autobot cause. He says he prefers to work alone, but knows deep down the value of friendship and teamwork.

As Leobreaker, his gung-ho attitude is heavily amplified, but he's no longer so independent-minded. He's become fast friends with Snarl of the Jungle Planet, and has even gained his own personal Mini-Con attendants. He's even taken a shine to Earth team sports like baseball, possibly as a replacement for war. This new focus on teamwork does have its downside; he harbors a little bit of resentment that his Savage Claw Mode combination with Optimus might not be as strong as the Sonic Wing Mode the Autobot leader can form with Wing Saber.

He is the cousin of the Decepticon Brushguard.

Japanese name: Galeon/GaiGar Jackshot / Ligerjack
Hungarian name, as Overhaul: Generál (Generálozó in Ultimate Battle DVD)
Hungarian name, as Leobreaker: Vastigris ("Iron-tiger")
Polish name, as Leobreaker: Megalion ("Megalion. Means exactly what it says.)
Russian name, as Leobreaker: Megalev (Мегалев, "Mega-lion")


Cybertron cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Paul Dobson (US), Hisao Egawa (Japan)

Who thought "Jackshot" was a good idea? No, seriously. Who?

Overhaul was one of the most bull-headed members of the Autobots. During a skirmish with the Decepticons, he charged into battle without backup and was pinned under a massive boulder. When he came to, Optimus Prime was personally defending Overhaul's position, apologising to him for not coming sooner. This taught Overhaul to value friendship and camaraderie. Honor

Soon afterwards, the Unicron Singularity threatened to destroy Cybertron, so Overhaul accompanied Optimus Prime's unit to Earth in search of the Cyber Planet Keys that would restore the Allspark of Primus, at least according to the time-travelling Vector Prime. Fallen During the construction of their new base on Earth, Overhaul alone completed the application of the stealth coating that prevented their base from being detected by Megatron and Starscream. Haven

Later, when an Autobot civilian discovered the warp coordinates leading to a Cyber Planet Key on another world, Overhaul and Landmine were selected to scout out this strange prehistoric planet. Unfortunately, due to interference from Thundercracker, Overhaul was left stranded by himself. Search He was then saved by a wise Transformer named Backstop.

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  • Overhaul (Scout class, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GC-05
    • Accessories: Missile, Cybertron Autobot Cyber Key (Takara only), Jungle Planet Key (Hasbro only)
File:Overhaul toy.jpg

*snikt* *snikt* "Come on bub!."

Overhaul transforms into an off-road vehicle similar to a Humvee. Plugging a Cyber Planet Key into his robot mode back launches his chest-mounted missile (you can do this in car mode too, but the missile is blocked). Unfortunately, the back of the missile stick out of the back, but this can be fixed by cutting the amount that sticks out off. In Japan, he came with a silver-bordered Cybertron Autobot Cyber Planet Key, but for his Hasbro release he came with a silver Jungle Planet style key, with the Key Code "s9d7" on the back. There are rumors that a later release of the Japanese version was changed to a Jungle key, but this has not been confirmed.
This mold is also used by Brushguard and the live-action-movie-verse Warpath.
  • Leobreaker (Voyager-class, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GC-16
    • Accessories: Tail-blade, Jungle Planet Cyber Key

Another $13 and my arms still suck.

The Overhaul upgrade transforms into a mechanical lion (though in Japan he's called a liger) with electronic sound effects. Each forelimb/arm has a Cyber-Key-released spring-loaded claw, and his tail becomes a blade-whip for robot mode. He can also transform into "Savage Claw Mode", becoming a massive clawed arm that can attach to the Leader-class Cybertron Optimus Prime and Megatron toys, usable on either side of their torsos. (Of course, though, the American instructions show combination only with Prime.)
He comes with a silver-bordered Jungle Planet style Cyber Key; the Hasbro version has the Key Code "vg08" on the back.
This mold is also used by Nemesis Breaker. It was slightly retooled to make Botcon Razorclaw.
  • Leobreaker (Legends of Cybertron, 2005)
This toy is a simplified version of the Leobreaker toy. Needless to say, it cannot combine with Optimus Prime.
This mold is also used by Classics Leo Prime and Universe Razorclaw.


  • Overhaul (Starter Set, 2006)

Eh, with a gun like this, who needs arms?

    • Attacktix ID number: TF19
    • Faction: Autobot
    • Class: Leader
    • Special: Sacrifice - 14/26 (54%)
    • Point Cost: 30
    • Base Speed: 4
    • Attack Type: Shooter (Energy Blast)
Available only in the Transformers series 1 Starter Set, Attacktix Overhaul is very similar in stats and attacks to Excellion. Unlike Excellion, Overhaul can use his sacrifice power to return to play by taking the play of any Autobot figure, not just Trooper figures.
Overhaul's 360 degree shoulder articulation (in addition to his waist and head) arguably gives this little figure more satisfying poseability than his larger brother. Okay, keep your shirt on. We said arguably.


Look, ma, a hand!

  • The original plans for Leobreaker involved a more coherent Savage Claw Mode arm design, complete with fingers and thumbs. But a variety of factors resulted in the simplified form, including rising petroleum prices.
  • Additionally, one of the early prototypes featured a faux-SUV chest for Leobreaker, probably to link him more closely to his first body. Like the previously-listed changes, this was likely removed to lower the production cost -- or possibly it was discarded for other reasons.
  • The television CGI model of Leobreaker used during the combiner sequence animation, as well as the representation of the combined arm mode is based upon a modified version of one of the original prototypes of Leobreaker, who, as mentioned above, had a much more complex and believable 'arm-mode'.
  • In a related tidbit, the original naming idea was apparently to go from "Trailbreaker" to "Leobreaker". When they couldn't get Trailbreaker, it seems Hasbro considered naming Overhaul's lion form Overcast, as that name is listed as Leobreaker's American name in the Galaxy Force Phase Ignition guidebook. However, they ultimately kept the name Leobreaker.
  • Liobreaker's Japanese name is Jushin Ligerjack, which may possibly derive from the Jushin Liger, another Takara franchise.
  • Both of this character's bodies feature three claws extending from each wrist. This makes him similar to Wolverine.
  • The combination sequence between Galaxy Convoy and Leo Breaker is a reference to the combination of Goldymarg and GaoGaiGar in the anime The King of Braves GaoGaiGar. The attack they perform appears similar to the Shining Finger from G Gundam.

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