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Overcharges are Quintesson creations from the Generation One continuity family.

Second-most unfortunately-named exclusive ever... and there's a chance it was intentional.

The Overcharges (オーバーチャージ) are the latest model of Quintesson mass-produced warrior-drone, using technologies gleaned from the Decepticons. Produced in countless numbers and sold to whatever buyers can cough up the credits, Overcharges are strong, fast, powerful, and in the wrong hands, can overrun worlds.


Generation One

  • Overcharge (Triple Changer Terrorbot, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: 72
    • Accessories: "Heat rifle", "null gladius" sword, 3 missiles
An e-Hobby exclusive redeco of the Blitzwing toy, Overcharge transforms from robot mode to a Type 74 tank or a MiG-25 fighter jet. It came with an extra decal sheet with multiple faction logos (including several totally new ones) so it could be assigned to different armies: Autobot, Decepticon, Quintesson/Terrorbot, "Ancient", EDC, and "Unicron Herald" (using the Blendtron sigil).


  • While the toy's color scheme is based on the mold's original pre-Transformers Diaclone colors, the "character" appears to be based on the mass of off-color Blitzwing-model tanks seen in the opening to the third season of the The Transformers cartoon.
  • Overcharges, it is noted, are based on technology from the Decepticons, since the Quintessons' original robots did not transform, only developing the skill after freeing themselves from slavery. The use of the Blitzwing mold for this Quintesson creation seems to harken back to the animated series episode Five Faces of Darkness, in which Blitzwing is the only Transformer to recognize the Quintessons, albeit in a vague, uncertain way. This seems to suggest a connection between Blitzwing and the Overcharges, but what that connection could be is pure speculation.
  • Considering that the toy is an e-Hobby exclusive, "Overcharge" is considered in the fandom to be a very apt name.

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