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Overbite is a Decepticon in the Universe conflict.
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Overbite is a Decepticon that transforms into a cyborg shark and is a participant in the universe-spanning conflict. He kinda looks like Hellscream.



  • Overbite with Repugnus (Ultra, 2006)
    • Accessories: 2 missiles
Overbite, who transforms into a cyborg shark, was available in a Target exclusive two-pack with Repugnus. Overbite is essentially Hellscream with less paint applications and a Decepticon insignia on the right of his chest. The beast mode head may be used as a hand-weapon, and the tail turbine has a spring-loaded mechanism for the included missiles.


  • The Overbite/Repugnus set was originally slated to be part of the normal Universe retail assortment, but the line's termination canceled its release. A few years later, Target picked up the set as an exclusive, along with the two other canceled Ultra packs of Hightower/Long Haul and Bonecrusher/Scavenger.
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