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Overbite is a Decepticon-allied Mini-Con from the Classics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

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Overbite is a member of the Predator Attack Team, a trio of vicious robotic hunting animals who are always on the prowl.



Overbite and the Predator Attack Team accompanied Broadside on a "Mutant hunt" in Cybertron's Underworld. Overbite's hunt was successful, as he fatally mauled Guttersnipe and amused himself with the mutant's remains. When the Dinobots arrived later, Overbite nearly got into a fight with Terrorsaur before the latter was restrained by Hacksaw. The New World



  • Predator Attack Team (Mini-Con Team, 2007)
Overbite transforms into a robotic wolf. He was only available as part of the Predator Attack Team, part of the second wave of Classics Mini-Cons, packaged with his teammates Dreadwing and Snarl.
This mold was also used to make Gredator and Timelines Razorclaw.

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