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A fiercely individual perfectionist, domineering and arrogant (even downright tyrannical), Over-Run acts like the air war with the Decepticons is his own personal responsibility, and he'll yell angry instructions or abuse at anyone of any rank he sees as getting in the way of his winning it. Needless to say, this makes him pretty unpopular with the other airborne Autobots. If he wasn't a very effective warrior in an arena where they are traditionally outmatched, it's unlikely Over-Run would be anywhere but in the brig by now. He IS dedicated to the Autobot cause, though; he just sees beating the Decepticons as far more important than rudeness and the feeling of his inferior comrades. He'll apologize after the war ends. Maybe.

He rules the skies in his Attack Copter.

French name (Canada): Zélé


IDW comics continuity

SpotlightArcee Autobotsfighting


Over-Run was one of several Autobots under the command of Fortress Maximus on the Garrus-9 penal colony. He and the other soldiers failed to stop a Decepticon attack force from liberating the facility's newest inmates. Spotlight: Arcee


Generation One

  • Over-Run (Action Master Action Blaster Vehicle, 1990)
    • Accessories: Rotary Photon Pulse Laser Cannon, 2 x Side Concussion Cannons (left and right), 2 x Magnetic Missiles, engine cover, rotor
G1 Overrun toy

REAL effective windscreen, there

Over-Run is unusual for an Action Master due to his rather monochromatic colour scheme, as he is made primarily out of a single shade of red plastic. All of his other colours are paint applications. Over-Run's sculpt suggests that before becoming an Action Master, he once transformed into a Cybertronic helicopter, due to the canopy and rotor shaft details on his torso. Appropriately, his Action Master vehicle is a small attack helicopter, and when not using the helicopter as his ride, Over-Run wields the vehicle's rotary photon pulse laser cannon and engine cover as weapon and shield, respectively.
Over-Run can ride inside the cockpit of the attack helicopter, which can also transform into a small cannon emplacement/base, with the rotors being stored underneath and extra armour flipping forward from the rear fuselage.



Overshadowed by a Mini-Con.

  • Over-Run's only appearance anywhere for eighteen years was in the original Action Masters commercial, as one of the Autobots encircling Optimus Prime who answer his call to become "stronger, faster, more alive."
  • Over-Run's Attack Copter-mountable handheld laser gun is, fittingly, a remold of one of Vortex's side-mounted cannons.

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