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Over-Run is a Mini-Con from the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Turbo! Scooter! I'll see you avenged!

Over-Run is a Mini-Con from another universe, another Cybertron. Carrying the Mini-Con Matrix, he has fled from Unicron in the hopes of finding a way of defeating the monster, and saving other Cybertrons from the fate his homeworld suffered.

Since then, Over-Run has become something of a sage, integrating himself into his new home, and becoming a leader figure among its Mini-Con population. His brilliant mind has brought forth many advances, including the evolution of the Omnicons.

A possibly-alternate-universe incarnation of Over-Run is partnered with Ultra Magnus in the "Universe" conflict.

Japanese name: Surge


Cartoon continuity

Armada cartoon

The Mini-con Who Never Was

At some point, Over-Run powerlinxed to Optimus Prime's back and let him perform an awesome power punch.

Note: Actually, this was a piece of stock animation which was never used in the series proper, though it appeared in the first Japanese intro.

Dreamwave comics continuity


Over-Run came to this universe after his own was destroyed by Unicron. With him he brought the Mini-Con Matrix, an artifact into which all the Mini-Cons of his universe had placed their spark essences. Upon arriving, he immediately set up a beacon which attracted the attention of Autobots and Decepticons alike. Hot Shot and Mirage arrived first, but was shot down by Starscream, who attempted to claim Over-Run for himself, seeing him merely as another Mini-Con to be used for battle and not realizing his origins. As Starscream bent over to capture him, though, he was attacked by Galvatron, one of Unicron's heralds who had been sent to destroy Over-Run and the Matrix. Mirage, however, took advantage of Galvatron's distraction with Starscream and cloaked both himself and Over-Run. Believing his quarry to have eluded him, Galvatron left, and Over-Run was brought back to the Autobot base.

When Over-Run arrived, he learned that his appearance in this universe had shunted Optimus Prime into his own. Over-Run suggested using his inter-dimensional pod to retrieve him, but unfortunately it was now in the custody of the Decepticons. Over-Run and several other Mini-Cons departed for the Decepticon base at Silver Ridge to retrieve it. After evading Unicron's other heralds and locating the pod, Over-Run, Sparkplug, and Comettor activated the pod and transported themselves to the Cybertron of Over-Run's universe, which was mere moments away from becoming Unicron's next meal. They located Optimus Prime (as well as Jetfire, who had arrived on this Cybertron as well by jumping into a space bridge portal), and used the Mini-Con Matrix to power up all five of their forms. Optimus Prime and Jetfire combined, and the Mini-Cons linked with them, and they blasted Unicron hard enough to make him notice them before warping back to their own universe.

After bringing together all of Earth's Mini-Cons, Over-Run led them through a space bridge portal to Cybertron, where they channeled all of their spark essences through the Mini-Con Matrix, allowing them to defeat Unicron. Worlds Collide


Years later, Over-Run had (seemingly permanently) connected himself directly to Cybertron. He created the Omnicons by nurturing the natural evolution processes on Cybertron. When Optimus Prime was unable to convince the Council that Unicron was not truly destroyed, Over-Run told him how he could interface with Cybertron himself to learn the truth. This Evil Reborn

Note: Unfortunately, Dreamwave Productions declared bankruptcy before Over-Run's story could be expanded on. The Hasbro Transformers Collectors' Club comic alludes to the fact that Starscream, revived as an energon ghost, destroys him.

Fun Publications comic continuity


Over-Run has spent the last 20 years in silence, having uploaded his internal spark into Cybertron itself. Just as Starscream killed him, the upload was complete. He made his presence known while the dimension-hopping Autobots were trying to find a way to keep the damaged Vector Sigma online. Over-Run assisted in relaying messages and studying Cybertron's physical state while facing the Unicron Singularity. It was he who discovered that Skyfall shared traits with the ancient combiners depicted on the walls and ceiling of the Energon temple below Cybertron's surface. Revelations, Part 2



  • Optimus Prime with Mini-Con Over-Run (Super-Con, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: MC-06
Over-Run transforms into a Cybertronic starship. He also has a third "rifle" mode that can be held by most toys that use 5mm-wide accessory pegs. He was only available with the Deluxe-scaled version of Optimus Prime
This mold was also used to make Run-Over.
  • Crystal Convoy (with Spark Surge) (Super-Con, 2003)
Over-Run was cast in entirely-clear plastics (but retained his normal paint applications) and came with the clear-plastic version of Deluxe Optimus, a mail-away offer from the Japanese Tele-V Magazine limited to 5000 pieces.


  • Ultra Magnus with Over-Run vs. Treadshot with Nightbeat (Battle in a Box, 2004)
The Over-Run toy was redecoed as part of a "Battle in a Box" multi-pack along with Universe Ultra Magnus, Universe Treadshot, and Nightbeat. This set was only available in "market six" stores like Kohl's.

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