This article is about the EDC space station from Generation One. For the Predacon space station from Beast Wars, see Predacon Command Outpost One.

Outpost One is a space station in the Generation One continuity family.

Constructed by both humans and their Autobot allies, and manned by the Earth Defense Command, the space platform Outpost One was to serve as a first line of defense for the planet Earth.

Galvatron didn't take too kindly to hearing about it.


Cartoon continuity

Shortly after his emergence from the lava plasma of Thrull, Galvatron, along with Cyclonus, Scourge and the Sweeps, attacked Outpost One and destroyed it.

The nature and amount of casualties suffered by the station's crew as a result of the attack is unknown. Several humans were seen being propelled out into space, and at least one of them was still alive and able to report back to Earth, but whether any of the others survived is unclear. FFOD, Part 3

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